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Strength and Sports Conditioning Courses

  • Strength and Sports Conditioning

  • Level 3


This course will give you all the principles needed to train athletes to condition and improve their strength for competition. You will learn how to effectively analyse sporting movements, design skill development programmes, devise conditioning programmes and be able to combine all this together into a structured programme.

You will be able to work with exercise enthusiasts to increase their strength, speed and power and develop sports specific training approaches for individual sporting disciplines. This qualification gives enormous potential for fitness professionals to enter into the young but rapidly growing area of strength and sports conditioning.

Many athletes, in search of greater sporting performance, put almost all of their effort into improving the technical aspects of their chosen sport, but do not reach their full potential because they put insufficient effort into their physical conditioning and preparation. This strength and sports conditioning course will equip you to help athletes fill this gap and enhance their physical prowess to help them excel in their field.

Are there any pre-requisites?

To be eligible to enrol on this course, students must already have completed a REPs approved level 3 personal training course, either with us or with another accredited provider.


5 days full-time study with practical workshops

- Monday, Tuesday: Sports Conditioning

- Wednesday: Circuits

- Thursday, Friday: Strength & Conditioning


Learners will be assessed in the following areas: biomechanical analysis of an athlete in action, designing progressive skill rehearsal training programmes, and designing progressive conditioning programmes. Learners will also be assessed through a formal interview process known as a viva.

What certificates will I receive?

YMCA Awards Level 3 Certificate in Strength & Sports Conditioning

REPs points: 20

Is this course recognised?

Yes, the awarding organisation for this course is YMCA Awards, which means this course will be recognized by industry employers throughout the UK and your REPs insurance will cover you to train people in strength and sports conditioning.

What support will I get?

Once enrolled on our strength and sports conditioning course, you will be granted full access to Discovery Learning’s online learning platform so you can familiarise yourself with the course syllabus. You will also be put in contact with our student support team, who will be available to help you with any questions you might have and our course tutors, who will be available throughout the course to support you.

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I’ve just completed my strength training and sports conditioning and I wanted to compliment the course leader on a very informative and enjoyable course.

Maralyn Wragg

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The Discovery Learning experience doesn’t necessarily have to stop once you finish your course. We can help you find employment, recommend trustworthy third parties for your business or we can assist with getting interviews.

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