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Discovery Learning Privacy Policy

At Discovery Learning we take your privacy very seriously hence, we appreciate and respect the importance of data privacy and security on the Internet.


These definitions should help you understand this policy better and be aware of what exactly we refer to. By writing “we,” “us,” “our,” and
“Discovery Learning,” we are referring to Discovery Learning UK LTD, a United Kingdom limited liability company. We provide fitness training qualifications
to those individuals who wish to obtain a fitness instructor or personal trainer qualification (the “Services”). When we say “member,” “you”, “client”, and “student” we are referring to the individual who has signed up and paid us to use the Services. When we say “you,” “prospect” or “Potential student” we are referring either to a person who has visited our website and requested further information or a call-back via any of our forms, an individual who has called in and accepted to be added on our database, an individual added . A “Subscriber” is an individual (who is or is not currently using our services) who opted in to receive e-mail or text communications from us in regards to promotions, new courses, changes and general industry or company news. “Personal Information” defines any information that identifies or can be used to identify you directly or indirectly, including, but not limited to, first and last name, date of birth, email address, gender, occupation or other demographic information.

Our services are offered via our website or via telephone on 0208 543 1017 and this Privacy and Cookie Policy refers to the above mentioned. When we say “Website”, we are also including the website itself (mobile and desktop version), applications, widgets, blogs, social media profiles that we have.

Please read below

We use your data to create a well-structured and enjoyable navigation experience

  • We’ll never sell your details to others
  • You are in control of what types of messages you’ll want to receive from us
  • Once you’ve opted out our marketing emails, we’ll make sure your information is deleted*

*If you’re a Discovery Learning student, please keep in mind that we would need to send out relevant information about your courses, marks, qualifications, times and locations

How we use your information?

  • Confirmation of the courses you’ve enrolled for (as well as having our student records up to date) and send you the necessary information that you will require prior to your course and during your course – this is a necessary bit in our communication towards you and we need to do this in order to perform our contract with you.
  • Register you on our student list via dedicated software – we do need to have a record of all our students in order for us to be aware of situations like what courses they’ve enrolled for, what courses they have purchased, if there any payments still due, what papers they’ve sent to our tutors, when they’ll get certificates and marks.
  • Send you e-mails or contact you directly via phone or post – we’ve got to do this so we can keep you in the loop with changes, updates and confirmations
  • Send you information by e-mail, text or post – we would do this to keep you updated on our latest products, industry news or promotions. We send these once you give us permission.
  • Fraud prevention – to prevent and detect fraud either against Discovery Learning or yourself.
  • Showing you Discovery Learning adverts – this happens in order for you to see our latest updates, products or promotions
  • To find out what you like – and make sure we tailor the experience based on your preferences
  • Gender information – to complete your course enrolment application and to send you tailored e-mails regarding upcoming promos that might fit your course*

*we only do this with your permission

  • Payment information – this usually means your card’s security code but we DO NOT keep them. We need this information in order to take course payments and give refunds (it’s all part of us performing our contract with you) as well as preventing and detecting potential fraud, either against us or yourself. We also partner with DEKO and offer a range of finance
  • packages for courses over £250.00. Students take a payment plan through DEKO and the information that the student submits to DEKO for a credit check, Discovery Learning has no control over, nor does it have access to.
  • Your address – we need your home address in order to send you learning materials and certificates and also, in order to complete your course enrolling form. It’s part of us delivering our service contract to you.
  • Your overall contact history with us – we keep a log of all conversations we’ve had with you (online chat, course advisor e-mails, student support e-mails, marketing e-mails, social media – we do this in order to provide customer service and support as well as training our staff so you get the best service possible.
  • Purchase history – we hold a student log of the courses or packages you’ve bought so we are aware of courses that are outstanding and need to be booked, courses you need to enrol to as well as being able to advise you on future courses that you might be interested in.
  • Information about the type of laptop or phone you use in order to navigate our website – we hold on to this sort of information and use it in order to make your site navigation experience more enjoyable, set options for you, improve our website and lastly (but quite important!), to protect our website against fraud.
  • Your information you provide us when completing a quiz, a form or when taking part in a survey or competition – we would need this sort of information in order to run competitions, give answers to quizzes, send prospectuses, contact you regarding courses that might be of interest.

To transfer your information in the case of a sale, merger, consolidation, liquidation, reorganization, or acquisition. In that event, any acquirer will be subject to our obligations
under this Privacy Policy, including your rights to access and choice. We will notify you of the change either by sending you an email or posting a notice on our Website.

Sharing your information

As mentioned, we do not sell any of your personal data with third parties because we value our customer’s privacy and would never do anything to jeopardise that. We want to earn and maintain your trust and support.

There are instances where we need to share your data and these are as follows:

  • companies that we work with in order to get your manuals and certificates (alongside all the necessary qualifications) printed and sent to you (such as printing services, awarding bodies and postal services)
  • Professional service providers such as digital marketing agencies, website hosts and advertising partners
  • Loan providers and payment gateway services
  • Credit reference agencies, law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies

Marketing messages

If you agreed to receive marketing communications from us by e-mail or text, we’ll send updates on our latest promotions, products (courses in this instance), blog updates or industry news.

Also, if we collect your Personal Information when you visit our Website and do not sign up for any of the Services (courses), we may send you an email inviting you to sign up or our course advisers might give you follow-up call to ask whether you are still interested in our courses. If you use any of our Services and we think there’s a way in which you might benefit from using another Service we offer, we may send you an email about that. You can stop receiving our promotional emails by following the unsubscribe instructions included in every email we send. In addition, we may use information we collect in order to advertise our Services to you or suggest additional features of our Services that you might consider using. In addition, we may use your Personal Information to advertise our Services to potential or other users like you. For more information on how we use cookies or other tracking technologies for these purposes, as well as how to opt out of the use of cookies, please see our Cookie Statement here.

You can always unsubscribe from these messages at any time by:

  • Clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the e-mail messages (or texting ‘STOP’ to the number mentioned in the texts)
  • Contacting [email protected] or phoning our course advisers on 0208 543 1017

Please keep in mind that due to the fact that we have some inter-connecting web services, it might take a few days for the details to be updated, so there is a chance you would get some messages while wed process your request.

Please note that if you are a Discovery Learning student, unsubscribing from our marketing messages will not stop current service communications (such as your course updates, payments due, certificates or marks notifications, tutor or admin emails).

Seeing our ads online

Just like many companies out there (and because the fitness industry is super competitive!), we want to help you find our products easier in the online environment. That’s why we use ads on other sites that you visit (or on search engines). We use various marketing networks and ad exchanges as well as a mix of technologies to get those ads (messages with copy or copy and images combined) delivered to you.

Holding on to your information

We hold on to your information while you study with us and for a determined period of time afterwards. As required by the awarding organisations as well as by law, we would hold to learner records for a minimum of 3 years in order to ensure easy access should an appeal, investigation or retrospective audit be carried out and these records would be needed.

Controlling your personal information

You may choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal information in the following ways:

  • whenever you are asked to fill in a form on the website, look for

    the box that you can click to indicate that you do not want the

  • if you have previously agreed to us using your personal information

    for direct marketing purposes, you may change your mind at any time by

Your rights

It’s essential for you to be aware of the fact that you have a lot of rights when it comes to your personal information

The right of being in the know of how exactly your personal info is being used (like what we’re doing just now)

The right to have access to the personal information we hold about you

The right to request corrections of incorrect or old information we hold about you

The right to request that we have your data deleted or stop collecting it in various situations

The right to be excluded of any messages that have a marketing purpose

The right to complain to your data protection regulator (the Information Commissioner’s Office)

We do not use your information for profiling or algorithmic decision making

Should you have questions or would like to exercise any of your rights as outlined in this policy please contact Discovery Learning on 0208 543 1017 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Alternatively, you could write to us at:

Discovery Learning
Unit B206 Trident Business Centre
89 Bickersteth Road,
SW17 9SH


From time to time, we might change our privacy policy in order to update it – if there’s a case of us making significant changes, we’ll make sure to inform you by e-mail or through a banner on our website.

All updates and amendments are effective immediately upon notice and thus, we encourage you to review this Privacy Policy often to stay informed of changes that may affect you, as your continued use of the Website signifies your continuing consent to be bound by this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy is effective with respect to any data that we have collected, or collect, about and/or from you, according to our Terms of Use

Best way to get in touch with us

We always want to hear from our students or future students, so here are the best ways to contact us if you have any questions or complaints or would like to exercise any of your rights as detailed above.

To exercise any of your rights as outlined in this policy please contact Discovery Learning by:

Phone on 0208 543 1017

Email on [email protected]

Post at:

Discovery Learning
Unit B206 Trident Business Centre
89 Bickersteth Road,
SW17 9SH