Top 5 Best Random Orbital Sander Ever Made for Woodworking in UK

DIY lovers and carpenters often worry about the random orbital sander ever made for woodworking or metalworks.

The DIYer or plumber and daily homemakers and household renovators need this amazing tool for smoothing and furnishing.

A random orbital sander is a powerful tool for our regular appliances.

Recently, random orbital sanders are widely used for drywall, particleboard, plywood, crystal or plexiglass, and metalworks.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 5 best random orbital sander from the marketplace.

Additionally, you’ll find the best buying guide, usages, and product details.

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Top 5 Best Random Orbital Sander Ever Made for Woodworking in UK

What is a Random Orbital Sander?

Before we explain a random orbital sander, first we have to talk about an orbital sander.

The major part of a sander is its sanding mechanism.

A simple sand pad or sandpaper is attached to the mechanical area and as soon as the power switches on, the sanding pad/ paper starts working.

An orbital sander rotates with a certain rotation speed or direction. However, a random orbital sander can rotate variably. According to different manufacturers, a random orbital sander’s rotation speed can be varied externally.

There are 3 types of sanders- electrical, air-powered, and floor orbital.

Electrical and air sanders are handheld devices. The floor orbital sander is a large mechanical device that is widely used for huge dimensional floors. Let’s explain these categories in brief.

Electrical Sanders

These random orbital sanders are electrically powered devices. Both AC and battery power features are available in this tool. Battery-operated sanders are cordless mostly, expensive, lightweight, and hard to troubleshoot.

Direct AC or electrically-powered sanders are versatile tools for everyone. You can use it frequently with a simple on/off switch. Electrical sanders are powerful, handy, cheap in price, and easy to repair/ troubleshoot. These sanders are most popular for woodworking.

Air-powered Sanders

Like electrical sanders, we can use air-powered sanders for small projects or simple woodworking. This sander uses external air energy to operate the rotation motor.

These sanders are medium larger than electrical ones. Moreover, it uses compressed airflow to polish or sand surfaces like wood, drywall, mosaic floors, tiles, plywood, etc. Pretty ergonomic and flexible in use.

Floor Orbital Sanders

This one is the largest of all sanding tools. For large construction or farmhouse renovation, this sander uses the abrasive bottom on surfaces. This is a kind of high-power electrical sander.

Apart from the construction, this sander is similar to electrical ones. You can operate this manually or automatically. Pre-programmed dashboard and chips are included within it to sand/ polish a certain surface. The main pitfall of this tool is noise.

Top 5 Best Random Orbital Sander UK

There are several branded random orbital sanders in the world. But as we focus on peak performance and ergonomics, we recommend Amazon marketplace for the best pick.

Due to the pandemic, some products might be shipped lately but branded products have some different esteem. Let’s have a quick review of these topmost 5 products.

1. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

When we talk about any random orbital sander, first we name this black+decker stuff mostly. This 5-inch diameter sander is the best seller of 2019 because of its fantastic performance.

Moreover, the compact design of this gadget attracts more users to work versatile. Apart from a sander, it can remove stains, polish uneven areas, smoothen rusty and hefty surfaces as well.

A simple trigger switch to power on/off and a pretty dust bag are included with the sander.

Special Features

  • Easy on/off trigger switch on the top side.
  • Comfortable rubber or soft plastic grip to limit vibrations.
  • A strong quality-grade motor that rotates smoothly.
  • Easy to attach or remove sand pads before/after usage.
  • Quick replacing pads or abrasive papers.
  • Cozy dust collector, transparent body to see the dust level.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer  Black+Decker
Dimension 7 x 5 x 6 inch
Item weight 3.16 lbs
Product size 5 inch
Color Black/orange
Power source 120 VAC, corded
Material Plastic/rubber


  • Great for prices
  • It worth every penny
  • Easy to replace sand pads
  • Blissful dust collector, adjustable
  • 2-years manufacturer warranty


  • Hard to perform on abrasive metal portions on wooden surfaces
  • Not good for edge polishing or sanding


The main usage of this sander is for a large, wide wooden surface. For woodworking and carpentry, this Black+Decker is astonishing. For low-budget people or workers, we recommend this tool. However, regular DIYers or homemakers can use this sander for polishing, sanding, bruising, and renovation.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander

DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander

Dewalt is a famous brand for all types of works like woodworking, metalworking, renovation, or masonry in the tools and accessories department.

This 20v max orbital sander is made of brushless motor technology with a variable speed feature. Adjustable low height and extra sanding pads are the most fascinating options for this sander.

Moreover, it has a limited warranty from the manufacturer and a short-time guarantee as well. It comes with a carrying bag, dust collector, and accessories.

Special Features

  • High-quality brushless motor with a variable speed between 8000~12000 OPM.
  • Adjustable, suitable height to work anywhere.
  • Customizable dust-port and dust collector.
  • Rubber grip to handle it feasibly.
  • An ergonomic cordless device with a powerful Lithium-ion battery (built-in).

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer  Dewalt
Dimension 8.8 x 5.7 x 6.3 inch
Item weight 1.6 lbs
Batteries 1 Lithium-ion
Color Black/yellow
Material Composite


  • Longer battery life
  • Lightweight, easy to move, or sand
  • Comfortable grip and composite rubber handle
  • The dust collector is customizable/replaceable
  • Best for woodworking, sanding, boat working, etc


  • Less durable


Smart people and regular DIYers always love Dewalt because of its availability in the market. Compared with Black+Decker, this Dewalt orbital sander is a beast on wooden bars, sheaths, plywood, softwood, plexiglass, crystal, and low-profile lightweight metals.

The main purpose of this tool is sanding so we recommend not to ask for other services like trimming, polishing, or paintworks. However, the durability of this superb power tool is kinda short but well enough for occasional tasks. You can think of it for your collection.

3. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

One of the most integrated and sophisticated tools manufacturers, Bosch is the best one so far. This ROS20VSC palm sander has a powerful, classy motor item and mechanism.

The most fabulous feature of this sander is its almost zero vibration technology. That means while woodworking, you don’t feel what you’re doing at all. So smooth and polished way of sanding wooden surfaces.

Like other sanders, this Bosch palm sander has a variable speed selector, a smart tuning button, and an auto-stop feature. The overall structure is ergonomic, compact, and robust.

Special Features

  • Tiny stuff but powerful during all types of sanding.
  • Almost null vibration while running, smooth, concise.
  • Variable speed selectors and smart auto-tuning.
  • Soft rubber grip on the top, handles, and dust collector.
  • Protected tools from external hindrances.
  • Best for woodworking, polishing, metal works, drywall, and plexiglass.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer  Bosch
Dimension 9 x 5 x 6 inch
Item weight 3.5 lbs
Color Blue
Input power 120 VAC
Material Composite


  • Prompt and helpful customer services
  • Nice even surface sanding/polishing
  • Solid one for hobbyists/DIY
  • Works perfect for paintworks as well
  • Micro-filtered dust collector
  • 3y manufacturer warranty with lifetime repair services


  • Leaks sawdust after years
  • Little expensive if USA-made stuff


For those who work alone in a house or personal interests, this Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander greatly impacts them. As a part-time hobbyist, I suggest this Bosch palm sander because of its flexibility and ergonomics.

The overall robust criteria and technology made this sander outstanding to users. Not only the woodworkers but also metalworkers feel their utmost esteem to this tiny sander.

Easy to move, lightweight, and no age boundaries made this sander the most improvising one nowadays. Even girls and women can use this for kitchen purposes.

4. SKIL SR211601 Random Orbital Sander

KIL SR211601 Random Orbital Sander

Woodworkers and DIYers often make a little mistake while using an orbital sander for woodworking. They occasionally try these sanders on metal surfaces or sheets.

Sand pads that are attached to the bottom of sanders are sensitive and classified for different provisions like woodworking, metalworking, polishing, sanding, paintworks, masonry, etc.

This Skil SR211601 random orbital sander is sensitive for metal works however this one is perfect for woodworking. A pretty strong motor mechanism, lightweight ergonomic model, and overall comfy feelings are the major features of this orbital sander.

Smart and modern DIYers always choose this sander because it has also zero vibration technology.

Special Features

  • Powerful motor with 13k rotation per minute.
  • Transparent dust collector to watch the progress.
  • Variable speed controller, trigger switch feasibility.
  • Low vibration, ergonomic rubber grip, and sophisticated stuff.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, easy to carry anywhere.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer  Skil
Dimension 7.87 x 4.8 x 5.51 inch
Item weight 3.44 lbs
Input power 120 VAC
Color Black/orange
Material Composite/rubber


  • Comes with 3 extra sand pads (circular)
  • Easy to use on complex corners and edges
  • Smooth like butter
  • Hook and loop technology-enabled
  • Works perfect for wooden surfaces, doors, plywood
  • Also works on particle boards, plexiglass, and epoxy
  • 1y limited warranty


  • Breaks after years
  • Not good for metalworks


Skil SR211601 random orbital sander is a palm sander for innovative DIYers, hobbyists, woodworkers, and kitchen experts. No age hindrances in using this tool because it is safe, ergonomic, robust.

Moreover, this Skil sander is cheap in prices, available in local stores as well. You can afford this sander anytime. It comes with an additional carrying bag. We recommend this sander for our new generation of DIYers or starters.

5. Makita XOB01Z 18V Random Orbit Sander

Makita XOB01Z 18V Random Orbit Sander

Have you ever met larger stuff like Makita orbital sander?

This XOB01Z LXT is a cordless device for your large doors, windows, wooden sheets, and softwood boards. It comes with a generic built-in lithium battery and sensitive charger.

You should not use the charger for other purposes. However, this professional orbital sander is perfect for large projects, masonry, woodworking, log trimming, and polishing. Moreover, some users already use this sander for paintworks and it worked just perfectly ever.

Special Features

  • Multi-level speed selector to switch flexibly.
  • Top-class and quality craftsmanship from the Makita manufacturer.
  • Best for larger surfaces like doors, windows, plywood sheets, etc.
  • Gigantic dust collection bag, adjustable, replaceable as well.
  • Easy to handle and carry anywhere.
  • One-touch speed controller button switch or trigger.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer  Makita
Dimension 5.16 x 8.07 x 6.89 inch
Item weight 3 lbs
Battery 1 lithium-ion (preset)
Color Blue/black
Size 5 inch
Material Composite/rubber


  • Cordless tool for smart DIYers
  • Unpredictable stuff for regular usage
  • Easy to use, smooth like butter, cozy feelings
  • Luxury tool for large projects
  • No-fault saw on the battery ever
  • The USA-made product with a 1y warranty


  • Little expensive
  • Currently unavailable to ship outside the UK


Many users complained to us about larger stuff. This best random orbital sander under 100 is just amazing for larger projects like homemaking, building, masonry, carpentry, and woodworking. A lot of DIYers are often irritated due to the improper tools and usability.

This one can remove all pressures and stress. Even if you’re bored due to some unexpected reason, you can pass your time with it. The smooth finishing, edge trimming capabilities, and ergonomic designs make you happier a lot in the end. We recommend this tool for 12 – 45y old people.

How to Choose the Best Random Orbital Sander

Different people have different choices and classes. Some work for smaller projects while some look for bigger ones.

Random orbital sanders are classified tools for woodworking or trimming as well as reshaping. Henceforth, choosing options vary on and off.

Analyzing current reviews and user experiences, we figure out some choosing criteria for a random orbital sander ever made for woodworking. Let’s check these out-

Size and Weight

The size and weight of a random orbital sander vary due to usage. Not everyone works on a large project or a smaller one. Big stuff is needed for big surfaces.

DIYers and daily hobbyists need small, compact, and portable sander. Usually, these sizes are the disc size or sand pad size beneath the sander.

For smaller options, we recommend 5 – 8″ disc size. For larger surfaces like doors, windows, particleboards, plywood, and sheets- we recommend 9 – 12″ size however these sizes are hard to find. Furthermore, most orbital sanders are lightweight in their design.

Manufacturers create these products for the feasibility of people so weight is a major concern. Generally, a random orbital sander weighs between 1.2 – 5.6 lbs.

Power Source

There are two basic power sources for random orbital sanders: corded-electric and cordless. We reviewed 3 completely corded-electric sanders in our product section.

The rest two are cordless stuff for more feasibility and comfortability. Corded electric sanders are the all-around performer on every occasion. It provides strong motor rotation and mechanism.

Besides, a corded electric sander can be used as a trimmer, polisher, or paint remover. Cordless tools are good if the battery source is better.

Recently, lithium-ion batteries and lithium-polymer technology have strengthened our cordless sectors. For handy workers and DIY lovers, cordless devices are just amazing.

Rotation Speed

If you are informed about the mechanism of a sander, nothing to tell vividly here. However, we depict a little lesson for our newbies. A random orbital sander ever made for woodworking works like a horizontal rotary polisher.

It has numerous rotation speed categories, depending on the infrastructure. A 5-inch orbital sander can rotate around 3500 per minute. The bigger size the lesser rotation speed.

Customized sanders or trimmers have some additional torque speed, sensitivity, and built-in temperature sensors. For small projects, it would be better to purchase a low rotation speed sander.

Larger ones such as long wooden sheets, plywood doors, particleboards, plexiglass boards, and epoxy glass boards need higher torque speed.

Sensitivity and Extra Sensors

The current world is based on electronics and nowadays, electronic sensors rule the world. Numerous familiar sensors like temperature sensor, motion sensor, torque sensor, automatic sensor- everything applies to this random orbital sander.

Due to rotation, a sander heats up and occasionally stops working. Some users complained that, due to overheating, a sander’s motor coil burnt up.

So recent manufacturers emphasize temperature sensors and coolant systems inside the orbital sander.

However, this sensor is “on-test” and would be a little expensive while launching. Other sensors we mentioned earlier are also on research experiment projects or warehouse tests.

Care & Maintenance of Random Orbital Sander

For every electrical and mechanical gadget, the care & maintenance part is mandatory and must be followed for device sustainability.

Likewise, a random orbital sander ever made for woodworking also needs keen caring. Besides, the maintenance part is very easy to implement and user-amiable.

Anyone who is an expert in basic knowledge of maintenance can do this quite comfortably. In this section, we’ll discuss some classy short techniques and tactics of blissful caring & maintenance.

Orbital Sander Care

First, you should realize the mechanism and structure of a sander. A sander is an electrical device you all know, so it has a strong motor behind the sand pad.

Every motor has some dedicated and standard torque, material, windings, and power rating. Excess of power or humidity causes severe malfunctioning inside the device.

Second, the power cord of these sanders is sensitive, short, and sophisticated. Any leakage on this cord causes electrical hazards. Let’s see the caring tips of a random orbital sander-

  • Check all wire connections of the house or working area before initiating a sander. Unless a proper connection is developed, don’t start devices.
  • The room temperature should be convenient, neither too warm nor too cool. Don’t work under the sun for long.
  • Humidity is an environmental factor that directly affects a motor’s mechanical attributes. Use humidifiers to keep the humidity accurate or as per the specification of the sander. For the best results, we recommend keeping the humidity between 85-95%.
  • Use soft towels or clothes to clean/rub the sander exterior. Switch off the sander before cleaning it.
  • Never use water or a sprayer to clean the sander. It will cause rust on the motor coil.
  • Read the care & maintenance manual (if any) that comes with the sander package. Follow those instructions exactly for the best outcome.
  • If you don’t wanna go to a mechanic for repairing issues, follow the sequence of unpacking and packing the sander’s construction.
  • To unlock screws, use Alleyn keys or mini wrench, or impact drivers. These will make the operation successful and nimble.

Orbital Sander Maintenance

The maintenance of a random orbital sander is similar to the caring instruction set. Additionally, we introduce some extra features to inform our readers.

These maintenance protocols are genial for newbies or professionals. Furthermore, the maintenance regulation differs from one another regarding prolific manufacturers.

  • Check the dust collector before and after work. Clean it regularly.
  • Never use a woodworking sander for metal works. It will cause blade decay and material overheating effect in the long run.
  • Sand pads are coarse, uneven surfaces. Be cautious before switching it on. Using hand gloves is a must for every woodworking.
  • Keep the sander in a dry, cool place except for marsh climates.
  • If there is grease or oily material spotted on the jacket of the sander, clean it using a sponge dipped with detergent. However, you should rinse the maximum water from the sponge before applying.
  • Random orbital sanders are flexible for angular finishing. Move them aptly.

Final Verdict

A random orbital sander ever made for woodworking is a nice tool for every DIYer or woodworker’s collection.

Most carpenters, plumbers, metalworkers, DIYers, and hobbyists use electrical or electro-mechanical devices for their diversified works or projects.

Recently, drone developers use power tools very often. In this article, we’ve picked the topmost products worldwide and found the 3 best picks for our consumers.

The first one is the famous Makita BO5030k 5″ random orbital sander. A powerful motor and wider dust collector made this tool just amazing for professionals.

Moreover, the structure and color are adorable to girls even. Engineering fellows and professionals use this tool for their tiny to large projects nowadays.

The second one is our favorite Dewalt DCW210B sander. The huge torque and light version of this beast has gained numerous positive reviews so far.

Catchy yellow/black color and transparent dust collector made this random orbital sander smart, audacious, and perfect for pro workers. Moreover, it has a one-tap switch to power on/off.

This one is classy overall. The last one is the fantastic Skil SR211601 random orbital sander. Super material and powerful motor torque maxed this sander performance in the UK.

It comes with two sand pads with the package, a transparent dust collector to see the improvement and longer cords. Furthermore, this one is my favorite because of its price.

Budget-friendly and affordable device for everyday tasks. If you like our products, refer this article to your professional leads or colleagues.

Comment your suggestions, user experiences, and strategic ways in our comment section. Later, we’ll discuss more woodworking tools ever made. Stay safe, Happy woodworking!

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