Top 5 Best Commercial Espresso Machines For Small Coffee Shop in UK

A busy coffee shop with a seemingly endless queue of customers, some talking sound, and a freshly brewed coffee wafting scent is what all coffee shop owners dream of, including you. To make that dream and vision come true, coffee brewing equipment is one of the most important things.

Best Commercial Espresso Machines For Small Coffee Shop

Nowadays, there are various choices of commercial espresso machines of different shapes and sizes. First, however, finding the best one for your coffee shop would be your step.

It would help if you had a commercial espresso machine that takes your fancy, a compact one, or an espresso maker with high volume capacity.

Our today guide is going to take you on a tour of choices to find out the best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop. You’ll have all of the details you need right in this review.

The best commercial espresso machine small coffee shop

1. Grindmaster-Cecilware Espresso Machine

Grindmaster-Cecilware ESP2-220V Venezia II Single or Double Espresso Machine

The Grindmaster-Cecilware ESP2-220V Venezia II Espresso Machine is great for your coffee shop. This gadget will not let you down as it can bring unique and flavorful hot drinks to your menu, and it is also a very friendly espresso machine with a high-volume capacity.

This appliance has a heavy-duty stainless steel appearance and a built-in 260W engine that can guarantee long-lasting usage.

This espresso machine is featured both auto and semi-automatic modes. It has a relatively large capacity as the machine can make a single or double espresso in one or two cups at once. In addition, you can easily use and manage it as the unit has a LED touchpad control display, which makes it very convenient to control.

Also, Grindmaster-Cecilware ESP2-220V Venezia II Espresso Machine is equipped with a double gauge for both boilers and pump pressure to ensure proper control of the pressure and the heat.

This espresso machine will also surprise you with its boiler size of approximately 12.3 liters, providing roughly 480 cups of coffee for each hour.

In addition, this machine has an auto-cleaning feature, which can rinse the water to the brewing head and helps to make your cleaning task so much easier.


  • 13-quart boiler
  • Auto-cleaning feature
  • Stainless steel cover and dual boiler
  • Easy to operate


  • Requires frequent maintenance if used heavily

With its robust engine and high-volume capacity, Grindmaster-Cecilware ESP2-220V Venezia II will be a professional espresso machine for business. Surely this espresso machine will impress your customer’s taste.

2. Jura 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8

Jura 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8

This automatic espresso machine owns various features that might get your attention when deciding the most suitable one for your small business.

One of the best things about the Jura 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8 is its exclusive and authentic pulse extraction process. This Pure Extract Process pushes hot water through the coffee under great pressure and is completed after short intervals. It helps to optimize the extraction of coffee beans and thus retain the unique flavor and aroma of the drinks.

In addition, this automatic espresso machine can prepare different kinds of coffee and hot drinks. Jura 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8 can make cappuccino, latte, and even macchiato, which is so flexible and can serve different customers’ needs. As it is an automatic machine, you’ll touch the button and let it do the work. You can save lots of time with this machine.

Also, the programming volume Jura 15109 E8 is available in both ounces or milliliters for coffee drinks. It comes with a pump of 15 bars, which can produce high-quality espresso. There are eight programmable coffee strength levels available with this Jura E8. Moreover, the attached grinder has a bean hopper with 10oz of capacity.  With Jura 15109 Automatic Coffee Machine E8, you can even adjust the temperature of the milk and choose a bean grinding setting for your needs.

Cleaning is not a huge problem with this espresso machine as it has an automatic cleaning system, so there will be no mess left for you after using the machine.


  • 64-ounce water tank
  • Easy to clean
  • Programmable options
  • Pure Extracting Process


  • Quite noisy when processing

If you want a reliable espresso machine that can help you with a lot of functions and different kinds of drinks, then Jura E8 is the one for you. This is the best commercial espresso machine because of its versatility.

3. Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine

Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine (Brushed Stainless Steel)

If you want a robust and smart automatic espresso machine, then Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine. It will interest you with its design and versatility.

The Breville Oracle will automatically do the “bean to cup” process for you, from doses, grinds, and tamps of freshly ground coffee beans from the bean hopper to the high-quality stainless steel portafilter. Also, you can adjust the grind settings with the dedicated dial.

In addition, this espresso machine helps to save time between brewing and steaming with its dual boilers. Therefore, you can use that time to steam and froth your milk. Furthermore, the pump with a maximum pressure of 15 bars allows you to get the ideal extraction for different drinks.

Also, with Breville Oracle, you can freely adjust the temperature of the steam to control the foam amount in the milk. Your task is to place the milk bottle under the wand and wait for it to do its job. The wand’s tip is designed with a temperature sensor that can notice when the desired temperature is reached, and the steam can be turned off. You can also alternatively do this process manually as your choice.

Moreover, The Breville Oracle offers the One Touch Americano feature, which is the innovation of this version. It offers a double or single espresso and then adds hot water to the cup through a dedicated spout. This is an important feature for any espresso machine for commercial uses.


  • Programmable settings for milk texture and shot temperature
  • 84-oz water tank
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic frother cleaning


  • Not a lightweight and compact espresso machine

The Breville Oracle provides a wide variety of programmability and flawless efficiency, saving lots of time and effort for any coffee shop.

4. Quick Mill Anita EVO Espresso Machine

The Quick Mill Anita Espresso Machine is a lightweight, user-friendly semi-automatic espresso machine that can help you to boost your commercial performance. As a small commercial espresso machine, it is ideal for any coffee shop with a limited kitchen.

This espresso machine with a solid stainless steel cover has several features. The heating system allows you to steam and brew for your desire. The new style drip tray with more than 50 oz of this espresso machine offers plenty of space for flushing and minimizes emptying chores.

Anita Quick Mill is a user-friendly espresso grinder because of its simplicity in the control display system.  The control panel with no complicated electronics but buttons, switches, and knobs are on the front of the machine.

The boiler of Quick Mill Anita Evo Espresso Machine is a traditional isolate copper boiler that can provide an even amount of heat. As it is made of copper, the boiler can quickly heat up, saving you a lot of time waiting. Also, this boiler can last long because it is manufactured and connected with durable components. Therefore, you will not have to frequently replace any boiler part.

The machine has a pump with a maximum of sixteen bars of pressure, which is ideal for barista pressure standards to make high-quality espresso. Also, it features the famous and commonly used E61 brew group, providing longevity and user-friendliness.


  • Fully articulated steam wand
  • Three Level Switch
  • E-61 Brew Group ensuring temperature stability
  • Heat exchanger system


  • Quite noisy when processing

Quick Mill Anita EVO Espresso Machine is ideal for every coffee house that needs a high-functioning and lightweight espresso machine with high standard quality.

5. De’Longhi ESAM3300 Coffee Machine

De'Longhi ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine, Silver is a well-designed and lightweight espresso maker. As a perfect potential addition to the kitchen of your coffee house, it offers various features to help you make a flavourful cup of espresso.

The control panel of the De’Longhi ESAM3300 is fully digital and programmable. Therefore, you can make espresso effortlessly with the machine. Also, unlike most espresso machines, Magnifica’s water tank is accessible from the front, so it is much more convenient when there is no need to move the whole machine to refill the tank.

With its “bean to brew” process, De’Longhi ESAM3300 has an integrated grinder with a 7 oz bean hopper. Alternatively, if you want to use ground coffee, you can use the machine’s door.

In addition, De’Longhi ESAM3300 is designed with the patented stainless steel double boiler system, allowing you to heat the water quickly and evenly. Furthermore, the system is constructed with a fast re-heating capability, so there will be no wasting time waiting for the next cup as the system keeps the remaining temperature.

Another interesting thing about De’Longhi ESAM3300 is its Cappuccino System frother to create fluffy milk foam as desired.


  • Easy to use
  • Memorize settings to remain your favorite coffee recipes
  • Front water reservoir
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning


  • Quite noisy when processing
  • Manual frother sometimes brings inconvenience

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso & Coffee Machine, Silver will certainly rock your world and help you with your business. Its various features, ease of use, and high-volume capacity make it a perfect match for your small coffee shop.

Types of espresso machines suitable for small shops that you should consider

1. Automatic (Volumetric) Espresso Machines

This is among the most common commercial espresso machines as it has much more functions than traditional ones. Such devices are featured with programmed water volume measures when pulling an espresso shot. Hence, it helps to dispense the accurate amount of water required for every cup of coffee.

An automatic espresso machine usually has both single- and double-dose options. You’ll click the “extra” button anytime you like a double espresso and let the machine do the rest. You don’t have to keep pressing the coffee to stop water from flowing into it with an automated espresso machine.

With its accuracy and efficiency, automatic espresso machines are now chosen by many coffee shops and restaurants. They allow the barista to save time and do other tasks while waiting.

There are some outstanding advantages that an automatic espresso machine can bring:

  • Easy to operate
  • Faster than other types of espresso machine

An automated espresso machine will remove the differences that would otherwise be seen in baristas with different experiences. Any coffee shop where drinking perfection relies on who specifically creates the drink knows how necessary it can be to get an automatic espresso machine.

2. Semi-automatic Espresso Machines

These devices are especially popular with experts and widely used in coffee shops with long experience. As this type of machine is operated mainly manually, it allows baristas to have more control over the drinks and express their talent.

Unlike automatic ones, semi-automatics require the manual brew pressure of the baristas. Also, they will be the ones who decide when to start as well as when to stop the brewing process by using many switches and buttons with a semi-automatic machine.

Here’s some interesting things about a semi automatic espresso machine:

  • Allows barista to have more control over the brewing process
  • Most suitable to make hand-crafted espresso shots

While semi-automatics are better used in the hands of experienced baristas, some can still get this chance to obtain deeper insight into the real espresso methods with little practice.

3. Automatic Espresso Machines with Manual Dosing Options

This type of espresso machine is a combination of Automatic and Semi-automatic devices.

They have volumetric and manual brewing options, which help you adjust the proper amount of water for each espresso shot while still controlling and customizing the drink for your desire.

This appliance is designed to remove some of the greatest inconveniences of both automated and semi-automatic systems that you may have seen. You can get programmable consistency and customization on demand at the same time. What can be better?

Some advantages of these machine can include:

  • Easy customization
  • Programmable feature for drink consistency

Automatic Espresso Machine with Manual Dosing Options is user-friendly for most coffee shops.

4. Pour-over and direct-connect machines

Having a plumb-in espresso machine, also known as a direct-connect, will save you a great deal of maintenance. The advantage of these machines is that you will never need to sacrifice the work you are doing to refill the water tank, allowing you to concentrate on other things in your business.

You won’t be concerned with refilling a water tank constantly. There will be no pauses in the espresso line because of the empty tank. In addition, it prevents you from wasting your time on troublesome water reservoirs, as when the tank abruptly runs empty, there are no half-pulled espresso shots.

The positive thing about this type of espresso machine is that it does not require to be attached to a water pipe, and it can be positioned anywhere. The limitation is that when it runs out, you’ll need to take time out of your day to refill the tank and have your water softener or filter.

How to choose the right commercial espresso machine Your Small Business

1. Espresso Drink Volume

The first and foremost thing to consider when finding the best coffee machine for business for your coffee shop is the estimated amount of espresso you can sell regularly. Think about the sale during peak hours, the weekends, and even the seasonal drink sales. These things will help you decide which espresso machine has the most suitable capacity for your business.

The volume of an espresso machine is determined by the number of group heads and boiler size. A qualified coffee machine has a head group of 2, 3, or 4. For a small coffee shop with low volume, you can choose a single-group or double-group machine. If your coffee shops serve more espresso per day, you can choose the machine with more group heads.

There are three main types of boilers: single, dual, and heat exchange. The single boiler is the slowest among the three as it can not help you brew and steam simultaneously. Heat exchange boilers can take less time to warm up. Double boilers provide optimum temperature control.

2. The Skill Level of Your Baristas

Baristas’ skill level is also very crucial with the option of the espresso machine, whether it is semi-automatic, fully automatic, or otherwise.

If your coffee shops have different barista levels, it’s recommended that you should have a volumetric espresso machine with additional manual buttons. This thing works with every coffee shop, whether it is a large or small one.

The skill level also affects how you choose between pour-over and direct-connecting machines. Essentially, the pour-over machines come with tanks that require the refresh from baristas during the day. In contrast, direct-connecting devices are drilled directly into the water line, which helps to save Bautista’s time and effort.

3. Your Budget

The great thing about espresso machines is that there is always a choice that fits the pocket.

The larger your budget is, you’ll have more options open. When this is your case, considering the machine that meets your key essential needs list will be what you should do. For instance, if you can afford a machine with an automatic cleaning function and the ease of cleaning is your expectation, it is a worthy investment.

Although a higher budget can benefit when purchasing an espresso machine, it is not the most important factor. You will not want to buy an espresso that does not meet your needs. Hence, make sure about the things that your coffee shop wants.

4. Machine Style

Which style of machine do you want? Does it blend well with the furniture in your coffee shop?  Typically, you can find an espresso machine that meets your business needs and matches the uniqueness of your coffee shop.

To many espresso machine lovers, the external appearance is just as important as the internal functions. It can also depend on the countertop size of your coffee shop.

When your espresso machine is primarily made of stainless steel and other appliances in your kitchen are black or white, the espresso machine would look odd and unnatural. In contrast, a white or black espresso machine will stand out in your bar negatively if the majority of other devices have a silver cover.

In addition, your customers will most likely be impressed by the espresso machine as it also speaks out the unique traits of your coffee shop. Shop owners can use this to create a specific atmosphere.

5. Certifications

Finally, an espresso machine with the safety certifications is another important factor to consider when buying one for your business

These criteria may differ in different regions, but some nationwide certifications offer condition inspectors that make sure whether the system of your espresso machine is up to code.

In brief, these certifications essentially mean that your product is already accredited to follow a specific quality level by a Nationally Approved Testing Laboratory (or NRTL), approved by OSHA. There are two available standards including NSF and ETL, where NSF is a more popular certification in many circumstances.

Wrap up

Finding the right espresso machine for your coffee machine is crucial for a successful business. Hence, it is essential that you can figure out what your coffee shop needs.

With our review list and buying guide, you can get a deeper understanding of important elements to consider when selecting an espresso machine and some proper suggestions. Hopefully you can decide which is the best commercial espresso machine for a small coffee shop for you after reading this article.

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