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Please note that prices shown are valid if you hold a Level 3. If you do not have a Level 3 qualification a surcharge of £70 is applicable to the displayed price.

This Level 3 GP Referral course provides the key skills and knowledge required to establish you as an GP Referral practitioner. It is suitable for experienced instructors and personal trainers seeking to work with special populations in both preventative and rehabilitative exercise therapies. This stimulating GP Referral course will challenge you and widen your knowledge and understanding of the health promoting benefits of physical activity.


4-6 weeks home-study followed by:

  • 2 days practical attendance workshop followed by a 1 day assessment


    Minimum Level 2 Fitness Instructor (Gym based) - will need to pay the £70 surcharge for their L3 A&P and Nutrition exams

    Please note: L3 qualified students will need to provide copies of their Level 2 Gym or Level 3 PT certificates.


    The course will introduce you to a wide range of chronic and lifestyle diseases, their aetiology and pathophysiology (cause and development) and explore exercise approaches for successful intervention into such conditions.You will learn about the signs, symptoms and basic pathology of specific stable conditions such as: orthopaedic diseases; arthritis and osteoporosis; cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease; metabolic diseases such as diabetes; pulmonary diseases such as asthma; raised cholesterol and obesity, and many other common conditions.

    Students will also learn about the implications and effects of specific medications relating to those conditions and most importantly how to plan, deliver, manage and evaluate a safe, effective and progressive adapted physical activity programme, personalised to individual client’s needs and lifestyle.

    Unit 1: Anatomy Physiology (if completed within L3 PT, this will carry across)

    Unit 2: Professional practice for exercise referral instructor

    Unit 3: Understanding medical conditions for exercise referral

    Unit 4: Applying principles of nutrition to a physical activity program (Theory Exam)

    Unit 5: Planning exercise referral programs with patients

    Unit 6: Instructing exercise with referred patients (Practical Exam)


    There are a number of assessments covered on this course but it will depend upon your existing qualifications. For instance, personal trainers will have completed two of the units and therefore will not need to cover these again (Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity and Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology). For level 2 students, they will be required to complete all of the assessments.

    If you are a Level 3 Personal Trainer you will need to complete:

    Worksheets x 4:

    • Professional practice for GP referral instructors
    • Understanding medical conditions for GP referral
    • Planning exercise referral programmes with patients (case study and worksheet)
    • Instructing exercise with referred patients (worksheet, practical assessment and evaluation).

    GP Referral Case study

    Practical Assessment (you will need to bring somebody for this)

    If you are only Level 2 qualified, then in addition you will need to complete:

    Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology multiple choice examination

    Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity multiple choice examination

    The cost for this is an additional £70:

    Part Time GP Referral without L3 - £520

    Full Time GP Referral without L3 - £570

    Please call to book this option 0208 543 1017

    What certificates will I receive?

    For the full diploma you will receive:

    • Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral
    • Active IQ Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity
    • Active IQ Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

    Is this course recognised?

    Yes this course can be found on the national Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF) website meaning that this is recognised across the UK.

    What support will I get?

    You will be supported throughout your studies by our student support team that you can contact by telephone or e-mail. This course is also supported by a fully interactive online learning platform.

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    I’ve just completed my strength training and sports conditioning and I wanted to compliment the course leader on a very informative and enjoyable course.

    Maralyn Wragg

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