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What is REPs?

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is a government backed system of self-regulation for all instructors, coaches, trainers and teachers involved in the exercise and fitness industry. It is advised that all graduates of our personal trainer course and other fitness courses should join this register. For more information go to

Is Discovery Learning's qualifications internationally recognised?

Our personal trainer and fitness qualifications are recognised in countries that recognise the REPs register. These countries include Australia and New Zealand, South Africa and much of Europe. As a UK REPs member you will automatically be given EREPs status if you decide to work in some areas of Europe. For the latest information visit the REPs and EREPs websites. The USA has no nationally recognised standard; therefore students who wish to look at the USA for employment will need proof of content for employment.

Courses & Support

What is Continued Professional Development (CPD)?

In order to remain a Register of Exercise Professionals member, you must continue to meet the standards that are set for the profession through Continued Professional Development (CPD). This means you will need to gain at least 12 REPs points per year to remain a member. There are various activities you can do to gain these points, for example; Courses, seminars, questionnaires, webinars conferences, events, etc. Just keep a lookout for the REPs logo.

What happens if I fail my assessments?

In the regrettable occasion that you fail an assessment, we will fully support you to get back on track with your course. Our student support team will agree an action plan with yourself to ensure your reassessment is a success. Reassessments will be subject to a fee – so speak to your Student Support Tutor to find out more.

Do I get any help with my home study/distance learning?

Yes, our dedicated student support team are on hand Monday to Friday from 9am -5pm. If you would like support out of hours, this can be arranged on a one-to-one basis with your tutor. If we are not available, our policy is to return your call within 24 - 48 hours.


How can I afford my training?

Our key aim at Discovery Learning is to provide courses that are flexible and affordable. Therefore our payment methods reflect this. To see more information about affordable training options please click here. We have an instalment plan whereby you can pay your course off over a number of months, the maximum amount being 12.


Our packages offer a range of courses with flexible option, giving you the best possible value to start a new career or develop your professional skills.