Equipment And Items Needed Come with Paintball Gun 

Types of Barrels  


On the market today, products mainly use Aluminum materials. This material has a strong and durable construction to help the spray gun always work at its most stable.

The body of the device uses aluminum which is a clever way to reduce weight. When you bring the machine to run, it will not feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Stainless Steel

Similar to aluminum, Stainless Steel is increasingly widely used. Previously, when thinking about hand-held figs, users seemed quite worried about weight. However, if stainless steel is used, the importance of the product is no longer an issue.

In addition, when using this material, you no longer care about the quality of the product when used for a long time. The reason is that the steel is anti-rust, less abrasive, so it has a long life.


Ceramics is also a type of Barrels that we would like to introduce to you. This material was not popular in the past, but now it has gained a lot of popularity. In particular, ceramic materials are quite safe for the environment and users.


Because titanium is a metal that does not rust in seawater and has high strength, it is used as Barrels. According to the manufacturer’s assessment, the purpose of making Barrels with Titanium is to create certainty for the product.

In addition, this material is also the lightest metal but the hardest of all surfaces. This advantage helps users not to spend time on maintenance or repair.

If compared with aluminum, the hardness of titanium is many times greater. Therefore, the material is quite heat resistant, less abrasive.

Carbon Fiber

Making Barrels is extremely affordable because of the elasticity and lightweight of the material. This material can replace metal materials, durability and performance are also high.

Types of Triggers

Types of Triggers

The newest paintball gun is always improved and innovated by the manufacturer to become the best version. Besides having many types, barrels made from quality materials, the types of Triggers will surprise you.


Mechanical triggers are used a lot for paintball markers. Most players prefer automated guns because they are easy to maintain and cheap.

Besides, you must activate the system when you want to use it because the product works on the power supply of the mechanical design and springs. Since the mechanical markers are not fully automatic, you have to activate them after each shot.


Similar to the mechanical operating mechanism, but when Electro-Pneumatic activates the gun, there is also the effect of electromagnetic. Especially the pneumatic tool of the system, thanks to the impact of the player’s shot on the pneumatic transmission, helps to spray paint quickly.

In short, the solenoid is pretty important and won’t allow gas to push the paintball once activated. So, this type of activation is quite safe for players.

Types of Propellant Available

Types of Propellant Available

The available fuels will usually provide the most effective ammunition to fire. Available propellants used in paintballs can be nitrogen, compressed air CO2,…. Since these types are readily available, they are easily interchangeable.


CO2 is also a gas used to activate the product. This gas has high pressure, so that it will support the effectiveness of paintball guns.

However, when CO2 is applied in the gun’s system, the gas is in liquid form, and only a very small amount escapes the tank each time. Because of its high-pressure nature, the paint spray is fast and extremely accurate.


The properties of HPA/Nitrogen are almost the same as those of CO2. The gas creates high pressure that accelerates the paint but doesn’t waste air each time it comes out.

It is because of these advantages that people produce more and more HPA/Nitrogen-activated guns.

Other Equipment And Items Needed Come with Paintball Gun 

In order to support the most beautiful game, in addition to paintball gun, other related equipment and accessories are also needed.

These types of equipment will help players to have the safest and most comfortable experience. Some accessories and equipment are as follows:


paintball mask

Paintball is a shooting competition game to attack opponents. The paintball of the gun is not too powerful, but it needs a mask for protection.

When using the mask, you have to invest in this type of game approval. In the process of playing the game, the impact of the environment causes danger to the eyes, even blindness. Therefore, you must choose a good quality mask to protect your face and especially the eyes.

In addition, any part of the face is important, so before entering the game, you must make sure to equip yourself with a mask.

Currently, the show with good paintball gun is receiving great love from many people. You can consult and buy covers on the official website addresses.


paintball Paintballs

In addition to the mask, paintballs are the most important equipment to experience the game. The paintballs are essential for you to reload the gun.

At the same time, these paintball balls are a way for you to know if you have hit your opponent or not.

The color of the paintball varies from brand to brand. The quality of paintballs is also completely different. To keep the game fresh, you can choose the best paintballs.

There will be staff members at paintball stores to advise you in detail to suit your needs and playing style. Therefore, if you are playing this game for the first time, you should refer to the instructions and recommendations of the staff.


Compared to choosing the perfect gun, you also need to select the barrel.

During the game, you may encounter problems with paintball guns. Largely due to the active barrel’s efficiency. Therefore, you must buy the barrel in case of replacement when necessary.

According to the manufacturer, the barrel is an important part that adjusts the direction of the bullet when sold.

The barrel allows you to adjust the precision, releasing the airbag before the paintballs come out of the gun. A special feature is that it also supports the best speed and distance for the early ball.

Thanks to the above advantages, the barrel becomes very important. A small note to you is that some barrels are only suitable for shotguns and certain types of guns. Therefore, you need to know it well before buying this part.

The best way to always choose the right product is to consider the barrel and its length. The most common length specifications are from 76 to 530 mm.


Thanks to the support of the hopper, the new paintballs hit the gun’s cavity and then shot out. The hopper controls the speed of the ball quite well.

During the bullet to the barrel, this part has adjusted the most accurate direction for you. Therefore, you must also take care of this part to equip the gun.

Air Tank

In paintball equipment, especially co2 paintball guns, the Air Tank is very important. The truth is that this compressed air source maintains the working mechanism of the guns. Thanks to the high pressure of the compressed air in the system, the paintball will be pushed out.

The larger the compressed air tank, the greater the ability to shoot paintballs, even up to several hundred balls in a short time. For this reason, you should buy a larger compressed air tank to prepare for the best game.

Pods & Pod Packs

If you are an experienced person, you will be equipped with Pods & Pod Packs when playing paintball. This type of device is designed like a plastic container with a lid used to store paintballs.

For the game to be uninterrupted, players often equip additional pods to reload guns regularly. So the game will take place throughout, making you more excited when playing.

Also, when choosing Pods & Pod Packs, you should consider its size and the size of the paintball. The largest category of devices today falls into the 140-round 1 pod. These can be a bit big, so buy an extra harness to keep the product at your fingertips.

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