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Core Strength and Stability CPD

  • Core Strength and Stability

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Core training refers to exercises that specifically target the muscle groups located around the abdomen, spine, and pelvic areas. These are typically done to increase strength and flexibility throughout the body. These muscles, when targeted during workouts, also provide a strong foundation for improved movement across the rest of the body.

Our aim during this course is to ensure students come away having gained confidence in using a wide range of core stability equipment. Tutors will also ensure that learners are able to apply different adaptations, as well as appropriate exercises to better meet their client’s individual goals both in a group setting and during a one to one training session.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for any fitness professional who holds a Level 2 fitness qualification or higher. It will prove to be both an excellent selling tool for exercise instructors, sports coaches and personal trainers as well as a great addition to any skill set.


1 day


To be eligible for this course learners must hold a recognised Level 2 fitness qualification and provide a copy of the certificate as proof. A reasonable level of fitness and reading and writing skills is also recommended.


This course will teach students specific warm ups, cool down and stretching techniques that are current and crucial in order to deliver a safe programme. The attendance day is heavily practical and involves looking at all the widely used main stream core stability apparatuses such as; the medicine ball, stability ball, bosu ball, roller wheel and group practise.


This course requires 3 hours of pre-reading, followed by a mandatory attendance day with a practical assessment to take place on the day.

What certificates will I receive?

Discovery Learning REPS certificate in Core Strength & Stability

REPS points:10

Is this course recognised?

Yes, all Discovery Learning courses are independently accredited by Skills Active. This means that this course is recognised throughout the UK and your REP’s insurance will cover you to teach this subject.

What support will I get?

Once booked on to the course, learners will be given access to our online learning portal so they can familiarise themselves with the syllabus. They will also be given the contact details for our student support team who will assist them with any questions they might have and our tutors will be there to support them on the day of the course.

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I’ve just completed my strength training and sports conditioning and I wanted to compliment the course leader on a very informative and enjoyable course.

Maralyn Wragg

Our Aftercare Promise

The Discovery Learning experience doesn’t necessarily have to stop once you finish your course. We can help you find employment, recommend trustworthy third parties for your business or we can assist with getting interviews.

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