What Is A Vacuum Blender? Advantages of a Vacuum Blender You Should Know

With the development of technology, air vacuum pump technology is increasingly popular in many fields such as, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, manufacturing, electrical engineering and food preservation. So, what is a vacuum blender? The application of vacuum technology in the blender is a new step in food processing with many unexpected advantages. The blender is a familiar … Read more

What Size Blender Bottle Should I Get?

If you’re searching for a blender bottle for yourself, you’ve probably been confused by this issue.  It can be difficult if you don’t know the rules that will help you choose which blender bottle sizes is right for you. This guide will provide you with the essential information. What Size Blender Bottle Should I Get? … Read more

Hand Blender vs. Hand Mixer: Head-To-Head Comparison

Hand blender vs hand mixer: What’s the difference? They sound similar, but they are very different in operating mechanism, how to use, and when to use. The hand mixer is better at mixing different ingredients, while the hand blender is great at breaking down foods into liquids. In addition, there are many differences between the … Read more