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Why The Way You Stand Is Damaging Your Body


When you stand about casually, you may unknowingly be inflicting long-term damage on your body and raising the chance of one day developing knee-joint pain, arthritis, hip-joint dysfunction, lower back pain, nerve impingement, strained muscles and various other complications. Here we explain why this is happening and how to stop it...

The standing posture being used by the people in these images is known as “hanging on one hip”. It means standing in such a way that the entire weight of one’s body is shifted onto one leg instead of being evenly distributed to both of them as is natural.

This is a posture most of us adopt sometimes, maybe when we’ve been standing for a long time or are holding a small child. It’s one of the main things physical therapists look for when trying to determine why someone is having pains in their hip, back, knee or almost anywhere else.

Anyone can get into the habit of standing like this if they aren’t careful. Those most at risks are people who spend a lot of time standing up and people who regularly have asymmetrical loads to one side of their bodies, such as mothers who frequently hold their children on the side of their bodies or working people who dangle heavy objects from belts on one side of their waist.

Statistically, women are more often affected by health issues caused by hanging on one hip. New mothers, in particular, frequently get into the habit of doing this. They tend to straighten and lock their hip bone in order to comfortably hold their child for longer without having to use their leg muscles.

This is easy to prevent if parents balance out the strain on their bodies by simply standing in a normal posture, and holding their child equally often on both their right and left sides, something which is also much better for the child.

As previously said, spending enough time hanging on one hip can be a cause of knee-joint pain, arthritis, hip-joint dysfunction, lower back pain, nerve impingement, strained muscles and various other complications.

It would take a very long article to explain exactly why hanging on one hip causes each of the conditions that it can, but put simply, when you stand that way your body is bent out of shape in an unnatural position and certain areas are put under more strain that they were designed to handle.

The negative effects caused by frequently standing in this kind of poor hip posture can be chronic and seriously effect one’s quality of life. Most people are completely unaware of the fact they hang on one hip, let alone the damage they’re doing to their bodies.

Now that you know, the way to prevent these problems is to be aware of your posture throughout the day and force yourself to stand upright with weight evenly distributed on both legs. Remember to pay especially close attention to how you’re standing when you’re holding or dangling something heavy on one side of your body.

In addition to stopping hanging on one hip, you should aim to reinforce normal posture and movement by walking about a lot while using the proper posture.

Cutting out this bad habit will take conscious effort, but if you’re already doing this and you continue hanging on one hip, you’re dooming yourself to developing serious physiological problems in the future. Take control and make the change today.


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