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Why Sports Massage is Becoming a Popular course Within the Fitness Industry


We live in fast-changing times, where one must continually develop to ensure keeping current with trends within various industries. This is the case with the fitness industry as well, especially with personal training. An example of this is a lot of gyms are now only hiring individuals Level 3 qualified and above to work for them.

With gyms looking to hire staff that has an array of qualifications, has the fitness industry given those wanting to get qualified a reason to start focusing on their unique selling point and their own niche?

Discovery Learning provides fitness qualifications for thousands of students each year and recently, we have noticed a growing trend in the demand for our qualifications. Not only do students want to get a qualification quicker but they want to be specialised in certain areas and want to stand out within the competitive job market.

With so many people getting qualified each year and so many fitness training providers doing their best to deliver students qualification and ensure quality requirements, it’s not really a surprise that students want to be the best that they can be in the industry and have a solid foundation as well as an in-depth know-how within various areas such as lower back pain management, obesity and diabetes and sports massage.

Recently, the latter has been one of the most sought-after courses that Discovery Learning offer and it’s not surprising. The sports massage qualification offers an additional career path to those wanting to work within the fitness industry. Not only that but it gives personal trainers the knowledge to help out their clients or work as freelancers (or full-time) for sports clubs, clinics or various sports teams.

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Becoming a sports massage therapist is something future personal trainers look into because this way they can provide a better service to their clients, helping them recover from past injuries, advise on treatments and recommend warm-up and cool-down stretches both in the gym as well as at their clients’ homes.

Just like any freelancing job, this too gives you the opportunity to make your own schedule and set your own hours – but of course, the wider your availability, the more chances of booking more clients you have. You will also have to know that as a sports massage therapist, most of your working day will be taking and managing appointments that can normally last between 30-90 minutes (including assessing client’s needs, addressing concerns and delivering the actual session)

Studying for a combined Level 3 and 4 sports Massage qualification with Discovery Learning, not only will help you get the highest level qualification in the industry but you will also be able to complete the course on a part-time basis.

Why Sports Massage is Becoming a Popular course Within the Fitness Industry


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