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Why integrating boxing into your client’s routine will help them achieve great results


“Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.” – Sugar Ray Robinson

Boxing for fitness is not something new but it’s certainly something that more and more personal trainers have started to integrate into their clients’ workout routines and undoubtedly, we certainly understand why; it’s the workout that keeps on giving back excellent results (and it’s not just cardio we’re talking about here).

Boxing is not just jab, jab, hook but a lot more complex than that and as a personal trainer, holding an extra boxing qualification can potentially get you, extra clients. After all, the fitness industry is extremely competitive and while before, just having your Level 3 and the required CPDs would pretty much suffice, nowadays, you really need to get yourself out there and give it 110%.

Here are just a few examples of how boxing contributes towards your client’s overall fitness and to integrate it into a workout:

Why integrating boxing into your client’s routine will help them achieve great results

  1. integrating boxing moves in your client’s HIIT session – it’s great cardio and certainly helps improve mobility and focus
  2. Boxing increases strength as it challenges your muscles every time you jab, hook, duck or weave
  3. Loads of boxing moves not only work the arms and shoulders but they’re also working the core, legs, calves and even your lower back
  4. Helps de-stress – rough week? Let all the bad vibes out by throwing a few punches
  5. So how can boxing make your client stronger? A move that’s met with resistance does a pretty good job at improving strength because the muscles that have powered the move will get stronger every time
  6. When integrating boxing in your client’s routine in order to build strength, you would ideally integrate a short power session of having them plant their feet strongly and firmly on the floor and power punch for time.


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