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Why Did You Choose A Career In Fitness? - Amazing Answers


We held a competition for our students and graduates offering a free suspension training course for whoever could give us the best answer to the question: why did you choose a career in fitness? From the inspirational to the hilarious, these are the best of the answers…

Owen, 24:

To overcome the epidemic of childhood obesity that has occurred due to living in an obesogenic environment! I enjoy helping and educating people to try and improve their standard of living by getting more active.

Nicola, 30:

I made a lifestyle change 3 years ago which made me decide to get fit, I got such a buzz from it that I decided I wanted to make other people feel the buzz that I get from exercising and having fun. Thanks to Discovery I have become a personal trainer and about to start sports massage in July, I love what I do and seeing people become more confident, happier and fitter every day – there is no better feeling!

Melissa, 42:

I have severe mental health problems and the only thing that help me is to be in the gym training. I’d love to be able to offer the same services and help to others as I get when I train! Since training this year I’ve lost two stone, took part in my first fitness competitions and am turning my life around, that’s what I would like to help others achieve!

Caroline, 31:

I lost 8 stone and decided to do the nutrition diploma as I found it so interesting! I decided to do the full course to advanced level 3 PT and begin my new career at the age of 30, maybe a midlife crisis but I love the fitness industry and helping other people too, very rewarding!

Tara, 22:

I chose a career in fitness so I am able to help other people improve their health. Not just their physical well-being but their mental well-being too, as I am Bi Polar and exercising has done wonders for me. I believe that fitness is the key to a happy body and more importantly a happy mind.

Georgina, 29:

Being able to help others makes this job the most rewarding of careers, especially when it comes to their health and improved daily living – fitness is the key to being healthy and happy.

Lucy, 33:

For me, I pursued working in fitness as there is no other buzz like it. Delivering workouts, info, programs, the rewarding feeling you get from helping people succeed….it’s everything.

Lauren, 22:

I have chosen a career in fitness to give a healthier lifestyle to people that need the extra motivation to pursue one, as well as improving my own!

Robin, 41:

My ongoing path into the fitness industry is to assist and guide those that think injury is a disability to them, to encourage children and parents that exercise is a vital part of the path to healthy lifestyle and most of all that it can be and is enjoyable at any level.

Andy, 33:

Fitness training changed my life! FACT!

Sean, 39:

Helping people to achieve their goals makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Jase, 24:

I was sick of my boring 9-5 job so decided to take my favourite hobby and make it my career, now I do not mind the 6am starts at all! Best Job Ever!!!

Ashley, 28:

I got fed up of people telling me I couldn’t do certain things after my accident so I became a PT and used the skills I learnt to prove them all wrong!

Mike, 35:

To receive a message from a client you have been working with saying “Mike, you have literally changed my life for the better”, that for me is payment in itself. I was meant to do this as a career, after several years of people telling me that I should be a Personal Trainer, I decided to study for my level 2, then level 3 with Discovery. Since then, I have never looked back and helping people change their lives is the best feeling in the world!

Kristy, 28:

After having my 3rd child I have had a lifestyle change and realised the passion I have for fitness and what a better way to feed that passion than doing it as a job! And here I am!

Kiki, 47:

I have had a lot of issues with my body that most PT’s overlooked so I want to be able to ensure that I can be that person that doesn’t and ensures people get the right training for the right reasons.

Chloe, 26:

I started because everybody deserves an opportunity to be the best version of themselves. To be strong & fit enough to be able to keep up with their kids, to be confident enough to lead fuller lives, to maintain health as we reach old age & become more at risk of ill health. I find fitness both rewarding and addictive and each day its great seeing people progress and achieve what they think they couldn’t. That and the fact that I feel that education on food & exercise is sparse & with obesity and disease on the rise, with food quality declining it is important to be able to educate others. There is no reason we can’t help people to have fun and enjoy it whilst they make their all important changes.

Jane, 39:

My PT helped me to lose 8 stone and I wanted to return this favour to others, by training as a PT myself. I am now starting out with a fledgling business and am hoping to help others achieve what I did.

Louise, 34:

I have in the last year left the gym and began exercising outdoors doing circuits, boot camps and running. My fitness has dramatically improved from what it was and I want others to share my passion of exercising outdoors. I always wanted to go into a job in sport and regret not pursuing this sooner, so before it’s too late I can help others learn to enjoy exercising outdoors and the benefits it has on our health and the buzz it gives us.

Kim, 31:

I am changing from being a secondary school teacher to a personal trainer because when it comes down to it nothing is more important than a person’s health!

Tia, 25:

I am currently a healthcare professional and the majority of patients I see each day have health problems due to obesity. I want this to change and help people before they get to that stage.

Tony, 56:

Fitness changed my life, now I use it to help other people change their own lives! Fitness Empowers.

Jess, 26:

I enjoyed participating in classes so much that it spurred me on to become an instructor. It’s such a buzz teaching groups of people exercise, especially when they start to see results and as an Instructor you get to see their progression and bodies changing. I also love being creative with routines and mixing up classes to challenge the individuals each week! It definitely doesn’t feel like a job as it is so fun!

Rhoda, 38:

There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone achieve their goals! For them, it can be life changing – for me, I want to be part of their journey in helping them get there!

Paul, 34:

Although it may not be the highest paid profession, it is very rewarding healing others! Not just people who want to keep super fit but people who need a helping hand to lead a normal life whether it is due to weight, diabetes, amputee’s or mental issues – It feels so good to help!

Stuart, 36:

It’s great being able to help others achieve their fitness goals, improve lifestyle and feel good. I like to make all of my group and one to one sessions varied and fun, so that people can see that working towards a goal does not have to be a chore – this helps create a lot of happy clients.

Lilly, 38:

Because I love helping others be the best they can be; healthy, happy, enthusiastic, energetic and inspired…It’s contagious!

Peter, 26:

It’s a round robin thing, helping others keep fit motivates me to get up in the morning, so I in turn can help motivate them. I actually enjoy the teaching and training side, but I make sure I maintain my own level of fitness to be able to practice what I preach!

Jools, 31:

Passionate to preach what I practice I want others to feel as good as I do by keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I also want to show people the fun they are missing out on & the mental benefits to physical exercise.

If you’re a fitness professional or fitness trainee, we’d love to know what made you choose a career in fitness. Please comment below and tell us:


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