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What We’ve Learned from Our New Fat Loss Techinques Course


Most personal trainers, when assessing their new clients, get briefed with pretty much the same goal 'I want to lose weight/ I want to lose fat/ I want to tone' etc. Because losing weight is not necessarily the same as losing fat, we have decided to create a new CPD that will give personal trainers the necessary know-how and skill set when it comes to helping their clients.

As a personal trainer, you most probably get asked a lot about weight loss and fat loss and ways of ‘toning up’ - and more often than not, it’s difficult to explain that weight loss is not the same with fat loss and that ‘toning up’ is not really ‘a thing’. It might be in the media but realistically, you can’t just ‘tone up’ your arms or legs - it all has to be a cumulative effort of the right amount of exercising and correct nutrition.

It seems that the overall subject of fat loss is not as straightforward as some might think and one of the reasons could be the fact that nowadays, due to the vast amount of information all over the online and offline media, conflicting notions have surfaced and that has left people more confused than convinced of what works and what doesn’t.

In all this, influencers and public people have a massive role and while some of them are a reliable source, unfortunately, quite a few are not - this is why we’re led to believe that some sort of magic tea will melt fat and give you the body you’ve always wanted, or that appetite suppressant lollipops are the answer to losing weight.

Here, at Discovery Learning, we’ve spoken to personal trainers, ex-graduates, tutors and other professionals in the industry and acknowledged that there’s a need for this sort of course - a short, one-day CPD that’s solely focused on the best techniques and programmes for fat loss. This is how our Advanced Programme Design for Fat Loss came about and we’ve decided to take part in it so that we can tell you exactly what this course covers and what we’ve learned on the day.

Key takeaways from our course:

  • The functions of fat - it’s important that the basic functions of fat are understood before an action plan is being implemented on this matter. One of the most important functions are energy source and reserve, it protects vital organs, it acts as an insulator (so it allows us to tolerate extreme cold) and it aides the production of hormones.
  • Fat storage sites - body fat is primarily stored in two major sites, referred to as essential fat (the one found in the marrow of the bones, the heart, lungs, intestines etc) and storage fat (the fat in the adipose tissue)
  • Why we gain weight - the main reason for weight gain is the imbalance between the ration of ‘calories in’ vs ‘calories out’ but hormones (such as leptin and ghrelin) and genetics also play a role on how we store fat, how our body functions and why we experience imbalances (and how a relatively small imbalance is enough to turn a slim 25-year-old into an obese 35-year-old).

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  • Understanding your client’s energy intake and energy expenditure is essential when it comes to designing an effective programme. The factors influencing the resting energy expenditure are quite varied and they need to be taken into consideration when assessing a client.
  • Assessing the body composition - maybe not the easiest task but knowing the applications of the body composition assessment, limitations and learning how to effectively take measurements via different methods will definitely make a difference.
  • Planning a fat loss programme - the essence of our course - 3 whole sections (Planning a Fat Loss Programme, Aerobic Programme Design, Resistance Training & Flexibility Programme Design) will not only cover the surface but it’s just to say that it will give you a wealth of knowledge backed by research that will help you understand better areas such as metabolic resistance training, how to combine sessions, resistance training guidelines for fat loss, which HIIT programme is more effective, psychological aspects of fat loss and many more.
What We’ve Learned from Our New Fat Loss Techinques Course


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