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What Training Should I Do With Pregnant or Recently Pregnant Women?


As a personal trainer or any other kind of fitness professional, it is very satisfying to help a client achieve their goals, but what if you're working with a client who is heavily pregnant or has recently given birth? Would you know what training exercises you should and should not tell her to do? Probably not...

There is a real shortage of pre and post-natal exercise trainers in the UK today and the last time we checked, people were still having babies. With such a huge market out there to be discovered, fitness instructors and personal trainers alike have an amazing opportunity to widen their expertise and tap into a rewarding niche market where a demand will always exist.

A Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise qualification gives trainers access to this market area. Why should this course be next on your career to-do list? Well first let’s see what you need to get on the course…

What are the requirements to join and what qualifications do I get from it?

Apart from a willingness to learn and develop your skills as a fitness trainer and a specific wish to build confidence in your ability to take pre and post-natal classes, this course will require you to hold a Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification before taking part. This could either be an Exercise to Music or Gym Instructor certificate depending on which route you’ve taken beforehand.

On completion you will gain a Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise certificate, as well as a CYQ Adapting Exercise for Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Clients certificate which is fully endorsed by SkillsActive and recognized all over the UK. The course is worth an extra 20 REPs points, whilst your REPs insurance covers you to teach the classes.

What Training Should I Do With Pregnant or Recently Pregnant Women?

What will I do on the course itself?

The Pre and Post-Natal Exercise course is offered by us with students needing to complete four weeks of home study, followed by two days attendance and one theory exam, either in our Bournemouth or West London Academies. At £347 this is a fantastic way to get a head start in the industry with the course covering these five key areas.

Most importantly it begins by explaining in detail the physiological and biomechanical changes a woman goes through during pregnancy. This includes everything from hormonal changes, the normal weight gain through water retention and fat acquisition, to increases in heart rate and musculoskeletal changes which lead to postural deviations, all of which are vital to understand when teaching this particular client base.

It then moves through safe and effective exercises and the benefits of these, explaining more about the importance of a strong and stable pelvic floor, core stability and breathing and relaxation (particularly important during pregnancy and labour), before helping students design their very own pre and post-natal exercise session. Finally, the instructors will teach students about some vital contraindications to exercise before and after giving birth, namely relative ones such as hypertension or hypotension, or more absolute ones like restrictive lung disease or pregnancy induced hypertension, all of which could lead to complications for the mother and baby.

Away from the course itself, as with all of our courses, students receive full support before they get started and during with our unique Student Zone which gives you access to course material, video tutorials and a plethora of other learning aids. A committed student support team are also available whenever you need them if anything is really troubling you, whereas our group of course tutors will be there on the day of the course so you’ll never be too far away from help.

What Training Should I Do With Pregnant or Recently Pregnant Women?

So why can’t I just teach this without the qualification?

If you read any of the previous paragraphs and thought to yourself “I didn’t know that prevented someone from exercising”, then you already have the answer to this question. Not only would training pre and post-natal clients without the correct experience or qualifications be incredibly dangerous for the mother and child, but it could also land you in hot water as a trainer. As previously mentioned REPs insurance covers all certified trainers teaching this class which in itself is a good enough reason to book yourself on to one.

The margin for mistakes in preparing an exercise plan for a pregnant woman or someone who has just given birth is large, so all precautions need to be taken. The last thing you want as a trainer and a human being is to be responsible for complications during a woman’s pregnancy, or incorrectly training a client’s pelvic floor leading to permanent weakening of the muscles – a relatively common occurrence post-birth which can lead to uncomfortable and life-altering side effects such as incontinence.

What Training Should I Do With Pregnant or Recently Pregnant Women?

Where can this lead to my career?

Unlike other career choices within fitness such as becoming a Circuits or Aerobics instructor for example, getting yourself into the post and prenatal exercise scene can really kick-start or completely transform your career for the better. This is due to the simple fact that there is a complete lack of qualified instructors in the UK today. Whereas the market for the aforementioned class types is over-saturated with instructors all over UK gyms and health clubs, you’d be hard pushed to find many pre and post-natal exercise instructors in your area, immediately giving you a great advantage over the majority.

If that isn’t enough to convince you then think about this: we all know the fitness industry has been rapidly growing for many years now, so add to that the continual demographic boom all over the world where more and more people are having more and more babies, meaning the number of women in need of this unique service is always growing twofold. Gaining this qualification could be the difference between being a fitness professional who barely scrapes by with freelance gym work and a few PT clients a week or one who finds a fantastic niche market with endless calls for business all in their local area. Take the chance to stand out from the rest.

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