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Want to learn more and make the most out of your personal training career? Upskill this month and get a great deal


For fitness professionals, it pays to continuously upskill your qualifications and upgrade your knowledge of health and fitness. You couldn’t learn everything there is to know in your initial training course, so we’ve put together this amazing promotion to help you upskill and become a more complete fitness professional…

Our Promotion

We are going to be offering 2 Master Level 4 Upgrade packages for anyone who has studied up to the Level 3 PT:

Master Level 4 Upgrade package 1 Master Level 4 Upgrade Package 2
Exercise Referral Exercise Referral
Obesity and Diabetes Management Lower Back Pain Management
1 CPD Course 1 CPD Course
RRP £1020 £1054
Get 5% off today £969.00 £1001.30
Ex-Students 10% Off £918.00 £948.60

Below is our upgrade package for anyone who has completed a level 2 but may be interested in now doing their Level 3:

RRP 5% Discount Ex Student 10% off
Part Time PT (Upgrade from level 2) £1399 £1329.05 £1259.10
Full Time PT (Upgrade from level 2) £1459 £1386.05 £1313.10

The Importance of Upskilling

If you’ve worked for any length of time in the health and fitness industry, you’ll know that it’s large, very competitive and saturated with people like yourself trying to earn the best living they can.

As a fitness professional, your ability to be successful in your chosen profession is directly related to the range of recognized qualifications and demonstrable knowledge and skills you possess.

The reasons for this are twofold: if you work in-house for a gym, a health club, or any other kind of fitness establishment, your value to your employer will be greater if you can perform multiple rolls. For example, if you hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification and a Level 2 Exercise To Music qualification, you’d be able to work for a health club as a fitness instructor supervising people in their gym, and also take aerobics classes if they needed you to. The same applies with things like spinning or Pilates.

Secondly, if you’re a self-employed fitness professional such as a personal trainer, the different qualifications you can possess allow you to tap into specialist niches of clients who require certain kinds of training. If you possess a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification, you can do all the usual exercises that personal trainers do with clients, like running and basic strength exercises, but if you’ve also had further training in things like obesity and diabetes management, lower back pain or pre and post-natal exercise, you can train groups of people that most other personal trainers wouldn’t be able to, like morbidly obese people or pregnant women.

It is for these reasons that upskilling your qualification level can be of great benefit to your career in health and fitness. Health, fitness and exercise are such broad subjects that no one can get trained in all of the available sub-specialties during their first training course. An ambitious fitness professional will constantly be looking to upskill their qualification level to enhance their role versatility and earning potential.

How about debutants?

Okay, but I don’t have any qualifications…

Don’t worry our Summer Offer includes something for you as well!

10% off all Course packages with the Master Level 4 Personal Trainer 10% off and 5 CPDs on offer.
If you have any questions or there is anything else that you wish to know, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of expert course advisers on: 0208 543 1017.


Our packages offer a range of courses with flexible option, giving you the best possible value to start a new career or develop your professional skills.