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Five Bodybuilders To Admit Taking Steroids


You didn’t think all those huge bodybuilders with their superhuman physiques built those muscles just by exercising, working hard and eating the right food, did you? It’s said that ALL the top bodybuilders take steroids. A man can develop a nice body with great looking muscles naturally, but he cannot reach that superhuman level occupied by the world’s top bodybuilders without the use of illegal drugs.

Five Bodybuilders To Admit Taking Steroids

Our bodies have their limitations. Muscle size is determined by a combination of genetics and exercise, but it has its natural limits.

Now don’t get me wrong, all the top bodybuilders had to build strong and impressive frames before they reached for an illegal aid. They worked very hard for their success. No knowledgeable person could deny that they are a hard working bunch.

The problem is, however, those steroid-pumped bodybuilders are role models for a generation of young males who often try to use steroids to achieve the same gains as their heroes.

Some very famous bodybuilders have had the balls to admit that they used steroids and lived to tell their story. Here are five of those men:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie is the best known bodybuilder ever to admit to taking steroids. He admitted taking them before his competition, mainly for the purpose of maintaining muscles during the so-called “cutting phase”. He strongly insisted he did not take them for building his muscles. In the late seventies when Arnie was in his prime, steroids were pretty much legal, widely available, and their side effects were not as well documented as they are nowadays.

Many experts have suggested that Schwarzenegger’s use of steroids was negligible when compared with some prominent modern bodybuilders. Arnold is still a hero to many youngsters and his achievements in and out of the world of bodybuilding are very impressive.

Five Bodybuilders To Admit Taking Steroids

Flex Wheeler

Wheeler was on steroids throughout his career. He had to take steroids in order to stay at the top of world bodybuilding. After eighteen years’ consistent use of pills and injections to help build his legend, Flex Wheeler was for medical reasons unable to quiet steroids even though he wanted to. He went through a kidney transplant which required continuous use of medical steroids to keep the main himself, not his legend, alive.

In his biography, Flex Ability, Wheeler admitted he took steroids from the age of eighteen. Some people familiar with his life story would probably feel that his use of steroids was justified. He had a very bad childhood, being molested at a young age and becoming a father at the age of fifteen. He achieved something in his life partly thanks to the steroids, as their use allowed him to compete professionally for years.

Five Bodybuilders To Admit Taking Steroids

Ronnie Coleman

For a long time, Ronnie Coleman didn’t want to admit to having used steroids. Being a police officer required him to stay within the law, and steroids are illegal in his home country of the United States.

There are some videos circulating in which he apparently admits to steroid use, but those are mostly doctored or do not accurately convey the context of his remarks. Coleman finally admitted steroid use in Muscular Developmentmagazine in 2011.

Coleman is widely regarded as the best bodybuilder of all time despite his confession. He benefited from very good genetics in addition to his hard work and steroid consumption – he always looked very big and well built in photos even before becoming a bodybuilder.

Five Bodybuilders To Admit Taking Steroids

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates not only admitted using steroids but is also one of the few bodybuilders who are willing to openly talk about it. He even wrote about it for Muscular Development in 2011. Famous for his incredible lats, Dorian is widely regarded as one of the very top bodybuilders in history. His status has not been tarnished by his admission of steroid use. Many admire his work ethic and determination, as Yates, unlike other legends, wasn’t gifted with fantastic genetics so had to transform his body through dedication, training, and of course, steroids.

He famously said “Steroids is better than McDonald’s” which probably won’t get him many new fans, but at least he’s honest. Nowadays Yates devotes his time to his sports supplements business.

Five Bodybuilders To Admit Taking Steroids

Jay Cutler

Last on our list, bodybuilding superhero Jay Cutler admitted to taking steroids as an addition to his six-to-eight high protein meals. Bodybuilding superhero is famous for his hard work.

The four-time Mr Olympia is famous for his hard work and is also known for his great genetics which place him in the same league as men like Coleman and Schwarzenegger.

He believed steroids gave him the edge he needed to stay at the very top of competitive bodybuilding.

Five Bodybuilders To Admit Taking Steroids


  1. Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger is the most famous bodybuilder to ever admit to steroid use.
  2. Flex WheelerFlex Wheeler took steroids from the age of eighteen.
  3. Ronnie ColemanRonnie Coleman took illegal steroids despite being a police officer.
  4. Dorian YatesDorian Yates famously said: “Steroids is better than McDonald’s”
  5. Jay CutlerJay Cutler admitted to taking steroids as an addition to protein meals.


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