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The Christmas Scoop: ‘Burning off Britain’s favourite Christmas treats’


All hail, the festive season is upon us! At this time of year, it can feel like there are delicious treats and tempting snacks lurking around every corner. Between the inevitable extra booze, mince pies and the ENDLESS food comas, it’s not a surprise that we pile on some serious pounds over the festive season.

The Christmas Scoop: ‘Burning off Britain’s favourite Christmas treats’

According to the Independent, the average Brit eats around 6,000 calories on Christmas Day.

Ok, so it’s going to take more than your traditional 45-minute walk around the block to burn that off. According to the American Council on Exercise, it would take a full 24 hours of walking to burn off 6,000 calories.

Fear not intrepid festive eater, it’s not all bad news! We’ve compiled a handy list of your favourite festive treats, and how you can burn them off.

The Mince Pie

A favourite shared by both the British public and the big Father. C himself, the mince pie is an undoubtable staple of Christmas indulgence. Dating as far back as the Crusades, they were originally made with a rather meaty combination of mutton and dried fruits. Oliver Cromwell’s puritans are rumoured to have made the eating of the pies illegal in an attempt to combat public gluttony. Thankfully, that law was abolished by King Charles II, so you can munch on your mince pie without fearing the long arm of the law.

Typical calories: Approx. 289 per pie
How to burn it off: 1 hour 15 mins of weight lifting

The Christmas Scoop: ‘Burning off Britain’s favourite Christmas treats’

Mulled Wine

Often called the taste of Christmas in a glass, mulled wine has apparently been served up to the nation since the 2nd century. This spicy hot drink is one of our favourites, and it comes at the bargain price of 134 calories! This festive tipple is known by a variety of names including Glühwein and Glögg. Bottoms up!

Typical calories: Approx. 134 per glass
How to burn it off: 30 minutes of vigorous walking (ideally around a Christmas market)

The Christmas Scoop: ‘Burning off Britain’s favourite Christmas treats’

Pigs in Blankets

Traditionally followed by ‘Devils on horseback’ (Prunes wrapped in Bacon) Pigs in blankets are Christmas calorie essential. Another global success, versions of this snack can be found in varying forms in countries including Russia, Israel, Denmark and Mexico, where it is known as a ‘salchitaco’. Whilst the calorie count of a single ‘Pig in blanket’ is a modest 65 calories, we think it’s worth accepting the truth that more that one will be consumed in a sitting.

Typical calories: 390 (based on a serving of 6)
How to burn it off: 40 minutes of ice skating (our calculations also show that a police officer making an arrest would burn this many calories in 54 minutes)

The Christmas Scoop: ‘Burning off Britain’s favourite Christmas treats’

The Gingerbread house

A sturdy abode made of crisp ginger biscuit, the Gingerbread house is a classic showpiece of Christmas baking. Once you’ve finished admiring your craftsmanship and feeling like a festive Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, you might be interested to know that an entire Gingerbread house clocks in at a respectable 350 calories on average. Easily burned off by 28 minutes of sparring.

Typical calories: 350 per house.
How to burn it off: Boxing/sparring – 28 minutes.Did you know: the world’s largest Gingerbread house was built in 2009, and contained the equivalent of 17 gallons of Syrup

The Christmas Scoop: ‘Burning off Britain’s favourite Christmas treats’

Christmas Dinner – Turkey (with all the trimmings)

So here it is. The big boy, the top dog, the Turkey dinner. Our research shows us that the traditional main meal is usually enjoyed with around 500 calories of appetiser and 1,300 calories of alcohol and pudding. There’s no avoiding this one, so we recommend planning some frequent sessions of cardio for the following weeks.

Typical calories: 5,200
How to burn it off: Run 52 miles (aka: 2 marathons)

The Christmas Scoop: ‘Burning off Britain’s favourite Christmas treats’

Whatever your festive meal plans, we hope you enjoy yourself and all the wonderful foods the season has to offer. A very Merry Christmas for all the team at Discovery Learning!

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