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Stop Lying To Women! - It’s Not Possible To Elongate Muscles


Hundreds of fitness class organizers and wellness "gurus" around the world are selling women the idea that coming to their classes or buying their books and DVDs will help them create lean, elongated muscles and look like beautiful ballerinas. Many women would love to achieve this, but the simple fact is it's physically impossible...

If a women wants to alter her body and appear more defined, she should lose body fat and build muscle through proper exercise and nutrition. They cannot make their muscles appear longer than they already are, however, because that is predetermined by genetic makeup.

The reason why ballerinas get to have the long, thin bodies they do is because of their DNA. In other words, they were born that way. And if you were not born with that kind of long, thin body type, then spending money on fitness classes, books, DVDs or anything else won’t magically give it to you. Nothing will.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying it’s pointless you having a fitness regime and trying to improve your body. We’re saying do it for the right reasons, not in pursuit or something that’s literally impossible, not matter how many frauds in the fitness world tell you otherwise in an attempt to make you part with your money.

We know fitness class instructors who have women come to their classes wanting to do the things that they believe will give them the “long and lean” body type. An instructor in this position should ideally tell their clients that nothing can elongate their muscles, but the temptation exists to just let them get on with it, because there are so many other fitness class instructors out there who do push this lie, so an instructor who tells the truth could end up losing paying clients to another class.

Nonetheless, we encourage all fitness professionals to be frank and honest with women about what constitutes realistic fitness goals. Women’s fitness cannot be built upon lies; it must be built upon reality, common sense and the right attitudes.

Women need to know they won’t develop a long, slender ballet dancer’s body by going to certain types of classes or reading and watching the books and DVDs of charlatans like Tracy Anderson.

Fortunately, there are plenty of far more positive and honest fitness campaigns aimed at women taking place in the world. Campaigns like This Girl Can, I Will What I Want, Be More Human and Like A Girl. These sorts of initiatives show women what their bodies are capable of and that there is so much more to fitness than chasing fantasies of elongating one’s body shape.

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