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Six Questions Prospective Clients May Ask


In a previous article, we discussed the fact that your clients choose you as much as you choose them. But nevertheless, don’t expect clients to hire you and buy your training packages without asking questions first to find out more about you and how you work.

Granted, some of these questions can be eyebrow raisers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them seriously…

Each person will be asking about what they think is relevant information for them. Sometimes, you’ll feel that certain questions are irrelevant or absurd, but if you’re dealing with a client who, for example, has never worked out, you can’t expect them to know that they can’t possibly lose ten pounds of fat in two weeks.

We asked a few prior Discovery Learning students what questions some of their clients asked them and how they replied, and the following six questions appear to be quiet common:

“Can I get a discount if […]?”

This sort of question comes in various forms: “I feel that you’re charging a lot, is it possible to give me a better price?” “If I get 10 sessions, can I get two sessions free?” “I’m a student, do you offer discounts?”

How you answer these questions is totally up to you. If you feel that offering discounted services from the start is how you would like to market yourself to a potential client, that’s fine. Just remember that when you get you client used to discounts from the beginning, they might continue asking for further discounts and when you refuse, you might lose them.

We’re not against discounts at all, but we suggest a different approach: when your client has finished their training sessions and you’ve built a good relationship, you can offer them a bonus session or two, a mini-bootcamp bonus session, a 25% discount for the next 5 sessions, or whatever you think might work. This will be a nice surprise and will definitely make your clients happy.

Six Questions Prospective Clients May Ask

“Will I get a six pack/perfect abs in one month?”

Okay, so your client is a fitness newbie, don’t laugh out loud when you hear this question. Walk them through the whole process and what it actually means to get a six pack. Tell them about exercise, nutrition, dedication and working hard to achieve results. Assure them that their goals are possible but they need to have patience and to be prepared to work hard.

“Do you do a free initial consultation?”

This is a good question and a lot of PTs out there do offer a free initial consultation; it’s a good time to get to know you potential client and asses them. You can find out about their goals, their exercise and eating habits and you can get an idea about how you should tailor their training sessions to them as an individual.

“Have you got testimonials? Can I contact some of your old clients?”

Having your own personal training business often means having your own website where you should definitely publish the testimonials you get from past clients. How do you get testimonials? You ask for them; that’s the easiest way to do it. When you know your client is happy with the overall results they got and they say you did a great job, just be blunt and politely ask if they can put that in writing.

When you get a new testimonial, ask the client for a photo (a before/after would be great, but a recent one is good as well) and post the testimonial and photo on your website or Facebook page.

“Do we sign a contract?”

Having a services contract can be a good idea because it will create perfect transparency about how you charge for sessions, what your cancellation policies are, consequences of repeat lateness, and everything else involved with the service you offer. Your client can then sign to say they accept the terms before they pay you any money.

“Can you guarantee results?”

If you have a proven track record of achieving great results for your clients and you are confident you can repeat those results with anybody, you could offer a “money back guarantee” policy. But you have to keep in mind that sometimes there are factors out of your control that could delay or prevent the desired results, like what your client eats when you’re not there, injuries and illnesses that prevent the client exercising at their body’s optimum potential, etc.

With all these in mind, be prepared to answer all of a potential client’s questions and do your best to provide clear answers. We also suggest you try to follow the motto “under-promise, over-deliver” instead of the other way around.


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