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7 Client Nutritional Habits You Need To Examine


When you have clients that have been constantly training with you for a period of time but haven’t lost as much weight or become much healthier, you need to examine whether they have managed to change their eating habits and their lifestyle to reinforce the work you’re doing together.

This is something that you need to look into, especially if it appears that they’re not making as much progress as either you or they hoped they would make.

Here are seven nutritional habits of your clients that you should examine:

1) Why are they eating?

Ask your client if they eat because they feel hungry, or because they feel bored or upset. Are they eating even when they’re not hungry? Do they stop eating when they feel full?

2) How big are the portions of food they eat?

A lot of people don’t know how much a serving is, especially when eating something out of a packet, like oats. Your clients might be eating larger portions of food than their body requires.

3) Are they putting the majority of their nutritional intake into their dinner meals?

Contrary to popular belief, dinner should be the lightest meal of the day, not the heaviest.

7 Client Nutritional Habits You Need To Examine

4) Are they getting good tastes from the right alternatives?

Your clients should be eating less sugar and salt and substituting them with spices to get the good taste sensations.

5) Where is the oil coming from?

Your clients should be replacing hydrogenated conventional oils like canola, corn, soya, etc with unrefined oils like coconut oil, and also trying to replace butter with avocado.

6) Have they cut out sugary drinks?

They should substitute cola, milkshakes and other such things with water and sugarless teas like green, peppermint and camomile.

7) How are they snacking?

Snacks should be consumed in small portions and consist of fruit, nuts, protein (like eggs or Greek yogurt) or fun sized vegetables and homemade dips, not processed foods with large amounts of free sugar.


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