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Recommended Personal Trainers In London


With thousands of personal trainers operating in and around London, hiring one is a bit of a lottery. Personal training is unfortunately not a well regulated industry and contains both competent, qualified people and incompetent, unqualified cowboys. We’ve put together this list of successful, trustworthy personal trainers throughout the greatest city in the world…

London Personal Trainers

North London

North London Fitness

In addition to their one-to-one personal training sessions, this organization provides outdoor fitness classes in the splendid Broomfield Park for only £10 a session, making them excellent for North Londoners who want to get fit on a budget during the warmer weather months. They also offer one-to-one nutrition consultations for those looking to improve their diet.

The Carlos Method

Carlos D’Souza is a Finchley based personal trainer with over ten years of experience who has developed “the Carlos method” of training, which consists of thirty minute intensive training sessions containing a variety of exercises designed to work out a client’s entire body, but which can also be customized to a client’s individual fitness and durability levels. His prices are affordable, and the shorter duration of his sessions makes them useful for people with busy schedules.

CrossFit North London

No list of recommended personal training providers in London would be complete without some mention of CrossFit. It’s different from conventional personal training, but is an extremely popular global fitness trend and an excellent way to improve one’s fitness. CrossFit North London, located up at Crouch End near Tottenham, is one of the largest CrossFit training providers in London, and while they focus mainly on group strength and conditioning sessions, they do also provide one-on-one body assessments and personal training.

Project Me

Project Me is not just a personal training provider, but an entire independent fitness studio offering a range of fitness activities including yoga, Pilates and Tabata and various theraputic treatments including acupuncture. They currently have seven personal trainers on their staff, with eight hour-long sessions a month available for £368.

South London

Twist Studios

The stated aim of this personal training business is to “combine the modern functionality of a fully equipped gym with the privacy and welcoming atmosphere of the home”. This studio, located in Forest Hill, South London, even allows clients to bring toddlers and babies, making it an excellent option for mothers or anyone else who has childcare commitments that make it harder for them to get away to attend personal training sessions. Twist Studios was established and is run by a personal trainer called Adam Double, who is experienced in exercise for pre and post natal clients, so again, this is a great choice for mums. Sessions cost £45 per hour with discounts available when booking more than one session a week.

East London

Pure Fitness Shoreditch

This is a private training facility located in Shoreditch and Hoxton that’s run by a trainer called Geoff Clement; a highly experienced and well respected figure in the London fitness industry. They provide four different service packages: ‘Fat loss’, ‘Performance’, ‘Rehabilitation’ and ‘Nutrition‘, so that every client can choose the service most suited to their individual fitness goals. Their rehabilitation services are particularly impressive, with them being able to help people recover from such things as slipped discs, postural injuries and many other types of sports related injury. So if you’ve suffered an injury and want to ease yourself carefully back to peak condition, this bunch would be a great choice to help you do that. £600 will get you eight sessions a month, so the prices aren’t bad either.


“We’re making personal trainer accessible to everyone” is the proud motto of wegym. This organization runs personal training sessions for up to 64% less than standard London rates. The only thing is, these sessions wouldn’t be on a one-on-one basis. wegym “connect you to a trainer and likeminded squad”, which means you’ll be exercising in small groups. This is still great value personal training if you don’t mind small groups, and it can be especially good if you have some exercise-minded friends you can bring along to form a group.

West London

Pilates PT

Pilates PT is a personal training service in Fulham run by Holly Grant, a personal trainer who specializes in body transformations, mainly for women, and is well know in the industry as the creator of ‘The Model Method’, a workout technique that combines Pilates, HIIT, and weight training. From £90 per class, her prices are a bit steep, but she is an award winning Pilates instructor and who unquestionably gets results, so this is well worth a visit if Pilates is something that interests you.

Central London

Marc Dressen

Marc Dressen is a forward-thinking personal fitness expert, sports scientist, European martial arts gold medallist and NLP executive coach. He brings all of his knowledge and experience into play when working with over 15,000 clients to date; ranging from celebrities, politicians, boardroom executives, to some of the most influential people in the world. Marc operates from a Marble Arch based gym, as well as directly from clients’ homes. He specialises in weightloss, building lean muscle tone, improving posture and stance, rehabilitation from injuries, and martial arts training. Marc assists individuals with their personal goals towards fitter and healthier lifestyles. He offers advice to people from all walks of life via his YouTube channel, and has an increasing number of subscribers.

Louise Parker

Louise Parker and her staff are an excellent training provider for people who want to lose a lot of weight and achieve a significantly healthier lifestyle, and who are willing to devote a fair bit of time and money to doing so. Their personal trainer service doesn’t consist of just guiding people through workouts; they apply comprehensive behavioral change programmes revolving around exercise, nutrition and motivation techniques that are designed to not only help clients lose weight, but equip them with the tools they need to maintain their new, healthier bodies for the rest of their lives. Spending six-weeks undergoing one of their intensive programmes will cost £3,799.


Sculpt are a personal training consultancy team consisting of about eleven personal trainers. Their flagship partner training facility is the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge, but they have partner facilities all over London and are also willing to provide training in clients’ homes. This organization was founded several years ago by David Valentine-Jones, a former international swimmer. Since then, David and his team have built an excellent reputation for helping people to develop healthier, stronger and more athletic bodies.


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