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Personal Trainer Insurance Guide


If you're a self-employed personal trainer, even if you work on someone else's premises, you need insurance to protect yourself financially from any compensation claims made against you, or in the event of you being unable to work for a time due to illness or injury. Here we explain everything you need to know about personal trainer insurance...

1) Public Liability Insurance

If during a training session a client of yours is injured and then decides to sue you, alleging that the injury was somehow your fault, and their claim is successful, a court could award damages against you based on the severity of the injury and its effects on the injured person’s earning power or general quality of life.

If this situation arises and you don’t have liability insurance, you would be forced to pay the damages out of your personal assets. In serious cases this could burden you with debt for a long time.

It is not legally required that personal trainers have this type of cover, but it would be extremely reckless and unethical of any trainer to operate without it, not just because of the risk to their own personal assets, but because of the problems it could cause their clients if they get injured and there’s not a proper insurance policy in place to compensate them.

This type of insurance cover also protects against any third-party property damage that occurs during your training sessions. Many gyms and health clubs will require you to have this in case you or anyone under your supervision damages their facilities or equipment.

No fitness insurance provider will issue one of these policies to a personal trainer or any other type of fitness professional who cannot prove they hold a recognized fitness qualification such as a personal trainer certificate or an exercise to music certificate.

Personal Trainer Insurance Guide

2) Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity covers trainers against any ill-effects that befall a client as a consequence of following advice that you give. Clients who follow your training advice might develop injuries gradually, over a period of time, instead of suddenly. If this happens and a client makes a claim against you, professional indemnity insurance will cover your legal fees and any compensation costs.

As it is normally not possible to specify an exact date when advice was given, or when a specific injury first started to cause a problem for an affected person, a professional indemnity insurance policy will cover you for any advice you’ve given clients in the past, but not for any claims that have already been made against you by clients.

3) Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance covers personal trainers in the event that they themselves sustain an injury which leaves them unable to work and make a living for any length of time. Many personal trainers never think to insure themselves, but your body is not invulnerable, and you never know when you might get injured during the course of your work.

If this happens and the injury is serious enough to keep you off work for a while, it could be very helpful to receive compensation payments to help alleviate the financial burden or meet the costs of physiotherapy or any other necessary medical treatment.

4) Sports Equipment Insurance

Sports equipment insurance provides cover against loss, damage or theft of any equipment which is owned and used by you in the normal running of your business. Sports equipment can include footwear, apparel, accessories and even certificates and trophies.

Sports equipment is usually very hard to track if lost or stolen, so missing items rarely get recovered. If you have a lot of expensive equipment, it can come in very handy to have this type of cover. Policies are available to cover equipment used and stored inside or outside a personal trainer’s home.

Personal Trainer Insurance Guide

Our Recommended Providers

These are the three personal trainer insurance providers we would recommend to any of our course graduates who ask us for help arranging insurance for their personal training businesses:

1. Insure4Sport

Insure4Sport are one of the UK’s leading and most recognizable sports insurance companies, providing specialist insurance packages to thousands of sports coaches, instructors, trainers, teams and individual sports men and women.


2. REPs

The Register of Exercise Professionals offer a £55 deal on £10 million worth of public liability insurance for fitness instruction, and a £95 deal on £10 million worth of public liability insurance for fitness instruction and sports massage.


3. Professional Fitness

Professional Fitness are a well-established fitness insurance provider offering £5 million worth of public liability insurance and £1 million worth of professional indemnity insurance including cover for up to three years after the date of any incident.


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