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My Experience On The Discovery Learning Personal Trainer Course By Andrew Pallett


Andrew Pallett, personal trainer and fitness blogger at SometimesITrain.com, shares his experience of our level 3 personal trainer course...

Way back in October 2015 (which already feels like so long ago!) I started the personal trainer qualification course through Discovery Learning at their Manchester location in Woodley. In a little over four weeks I went from a fitness enthusiast to a qualified personal trainer! If you’re thinking about enrolling for the course, hopefully you’ll find this summary my experience enough to convince you completely!

Where to begin! Showing up for the first day I wasn’t really sure what to expect – I did have a little bit of the ‘first day back at school’ vibes which I hadn’t had in a long time. As soon as you get into the classroom and start talking with people, you realize that you all have something in common: an interest in fitness!

I found that the entire process went by so fast, probably due to how well everyone got on with one another and how great our teacher, Andreas, was at helping us to take in all the information. One of the great things about how the course works is you gradually build up your knowledge, starting with the basics of how everything works in the Level 2 Gym Instruction course and then covering the more in-depth aspects in the Level 3 Personal Training course.

Three Top Tips To Help You Succeed On The Personal Trainer Course

As you’d expect, there was a little bit of a jump in difficulty between Level 2 and 3 but nothing that you won’t be able to handle. To help you out on the course, I’ve come up with three ‘top tips’ which should help you pass with flying colours and start you off on the right foot to becoming a personal trainer!

Top Tip #1 - Connect With Your Classmates

We actually got round to doing this a little late and I think we all regretted not doing it sooner. If you add each other on Facebook or create a WhatsApp group, you can talk to one another about all the different aspects of the course and ask for help if you get stuck. As an added bonus, a lot of being a personal trainer is allow about networking and you’ll be well on the way to developing some great connections!

Top Tip #2 - Don’t Make It Harder For Yourself

This one is a little ambiguous, however allow me to explain. A large part of passing this qualification requires you to complete written coursework, which can take quite a while if you really sit down and think about your answers. I had a lot of success by devoting 30-45 minutes each day to the coursework when I’d get home from the course for two reasons.

Firstly, it meant that all my coursework was completed well over a week before the written and practical exams. As a result I could spend my time exclusively revising instead of trying to juggle the coursework and revision. Secondly, it meant that I could hand in all my work ahead of time so that my teacher could have a look and tell me if I was missing anything!

Top Tip #3 - Plan Out The Practical Exams

For some reason, everyone was a little on edge when it came time to do our practical exams. It may have been because some of us were being examined by someone other than our teacher (I did my Level 3 practical assessment with Matt, great guy and another brilliant teacher), however I felt really confident going in to the exam.

Why? Simple – you can plan out both of your practical exams before you even step foot on to the gym floor! This helped me to ensure I’d covered everything the assessor was looking for and meant that I’d had time to come up with some alternatives in my mind if any of the equipment was being used. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to come up with a workout plan in a busy gym!

Thanks again to everyone at Discovery Learning, I really enjoyed my time on the course and I’m looking forward to exploring new opportunities with my personal trainer qualification! I did a much more in-depth write up of my time on the course over on my own website, Sometimes I Train – if you’re interested be sure to check it out!

Cheers, Andrew


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