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Love What You DO - 5 Minutes With Angela Green, Our Cardiff Tutor and Personal Trainer


It's that day of the year, the day of little love notes and flowers and chocolates and romance. Yep, it's Valentine's Day and while L-O-V-E is the word of the day, we're going to approach it from a professional point of view: the love for what you do.

We’ve taken a few minutes to speak to Angela Green, personal trainer and tutor at our Cardiff academy, about her passion for fitness, how she got into it and what would be her best advice for those starting out in the personal training and fitness industry.

Love What You DO - 5 Minutes With Angela Green, Our Cardiff Tutor and Personal Trainer

I got in the fitness industry….

In 2006 in between completing my 2nd and 3rd year of my Sport and Exercise Science degree at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff. I completed my initial training during the university term holidays and started delivering group exercise classes at my local leisure centre alongside working some gym shifts. By the end of my 3rd year at university, I had secured enough regular teaching slots to live and work independently in Cardiff. I progressed into tutoring 3 years later alongside my instructing work.

During my 2nd year at university, I decided to go into the fitness industry simply because I always enjoyed exercise and training. I used to play football in the ladies FA premier league and came to the realisation that I actually preferred the process of training for my sport as opposed to actually competing! Going into the fitness industry gave me a working environment to enjoy, somewhere where I felt comfortable to work and where I have been able to pass my passion and experience onto others to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

What I love about being a personal trainer is…

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates Teacher and after 12 years in the industry, I have chosen to specialise in Pilates, so my personal training is now Pilates based. I teach group mat work classes too. What I love about this is being able to teach people how to integrate the teaching of Pilates into their lifestyle and daily activities to better improve posture and help their body move more functionally.

At Discovery Learning ….

I work part-time in student support on a home based arrangement, assessing and supporting learners training with us to be instructors in Pilates, Sports Massage, Ante Post Natal and Exercise to Music. I also tutor the Pilates Mat Work Instructor courses held in our Cardiff venue which run every 6 months and help out on our gym and PT assessment days in Cardiff.

…And what I love about it

I love my balance of working in the training industry alongside running my own small business and remaining on the shop floor teaching and instructing. My office based role with discovery learning allows me to help others develop as fitness professionals. It also helps preserve my own body as I age! I like the balance of my office based work with Discovery and my instructing work via my own business- my work is varied and well balanced to fit around my lifestyle.

Love What You DO - 5 Minutes With Angela Green, Our Cardiff Tutor and Personal Trainer

A typical day for me…

I teach my classes and private personal sessions between 9.30am- 12.30pm Monday to Friday and work for Discovery Learning in my desk based role 1-5pm. I only work 1 evening a week which is the only day I don’t teach in the morning. Its taken me about 10 years in the fitness industry to get the balance of work that works well for me so that I remain fresh and able to give my best. I work typically 1 weekend every 6 weeks for Discovery Learning when I am needed in the classroom, otherwise, I have weekends off.

My advice to those thinking about starting a career in the industry…

Work the hours in the fitness industry that fit around YOU- a burnt out fitness professional is no use to anybody and it’s certainly not good for you. Devise your own schedule of when you can work and stick to it! It may be that you are a stay at home mum and can only work 10am-2pm- this is fine. Maybe that you are a 9am-5pm office worker and can only work a couple of evenings a week- this is fine. If you want to work full time in the industry, devise your timetable of availability and find your venue for work that allows you to work during these times. Do not fall into the trap of everyday being a 12 hour+ working day- it will lead to burnout. Clients that want to work with you outside of YOUR chosen availability are not your clients! Pass them on- make yourself a referral network of other trainers and health professionals so you can signpost your enquires too when you can’t meet their needs- this will help build your credibility and you find others will do this for you in return. Above all- love your work and find the time that’s works best for you to work in the fitness industry to maximise your energy levels and keep YOU healthy.

Love What You DO - 5 Minutes With Angela Green, Our Cardiff Tutor and Personal Trainer



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