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International Personal Trainer Accreditation Guide


Every country in the worldwide fitness industry has different policies and requirements for the professional accreditation of personal trainers. We often get questions about working in the UK with foreign certification and eligibility to work abroad after studying UK personal trainer courses, so we've put together this guide to international personal trainer accreditation...


  1. United KingdomHere in the UK, vocational personal trainer courses like ours are the simplest route to accreditation and can be taken through a private training provider like us or a further education establishment like a College. The University of Southampton offer a BS
  2. IrelandAnyone who achieves a professional qualification as a personal trainer in the United Kingdom automatically qualifies to work as a personal trainer in its close neighbor Ireland, and vice-versa, because  the Registers of Exercise Professionals (REPs) in the
  3. IndiaWhile India does have various businesses that act as private providers of fitness courses, India is a country that has no real legal or professional requirements of anyone operating as a personal trainer. Because of this absence of formal regulation, it is
  4. AustraliaAustralian personal trainer qualifications come in three levels that are obtained from nationally accredited colleges: Level 1 - Certificate III in Fitness, Level 2 - Certificate IV in Fitness and Level 3 - Diploma of Fitness. Once qualified, personal trai
  5. BrazilBrazil has a very admirably high standard of requirements for anyone wanting to work as a personal fitness trainer. One needs to possess a bachelor’s degree in “Physical Education” (a Brazilian higher education programme usually taught over four years that
  6. United StatesDespite having a very well developed health and fitness industry and many different personal trainer certifications, accredited and unaccredited, available throughout the different states, there are no legal restrictions for working as a personal trainer i


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