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I just finished my course…what happens now?


Yes! I have just finished my course and I am now one step closer into the fitness industry but what do I do now? Firstly, congratulations on finishing your course and you have now opened so many doors for yourself. We will look at some of the options that you can consider to doing as you have finished a course.

I just finished my course…what happens now?

Personal Training

Straight after you complete your Level 3 PT course you will be able to start training clients individually straight away. This is where you will put all your skills and knowledge to the test and prove yourself. If you are at the start of your personal training career, it is important to get the experience so, working in a gym at first will be a good initial option. You will gain more experience, you will work on a monthly salary and you will get to build your client base and run your own classes.

Improve your skills

After successful completion of a course, a lot of people tend to continue their development straight away – for example, a lot of the Discovery Learning students go for a Master Level 3 or for our highest qualification, the Master Level 4.

This is a beneficial step to take in your career because you are giving yourself a competitive advantage by gaining much more knowledge than other PTs who stop at a level 3 qualification. We find that many people, who only intend to do one course with us, regularly come back and do an upgrade package. Even though you choose to study for a longer time you will find that it is worthwhile in the end and you will have a greater sense of accomplishment.

Another option to look into is improving your skill portfolio by taking one-day CPDs – these short courses give you the know-how in various fields such as Suspension Training, Mixed Martial Arts, Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Indoor Cycling etc.

Organise bootcamps

As you are probably aware you are able to run fitness classes with multiple people. This is where the idea of a bootcamp comes into play! You can deliver boot camps indoors and outdoors (this is great since the British weather isn’t the best so you can pick where you want to run your classes). The experience of doing a boot camp is only preparing you to take yourself to the next level on becoming a PT (Unless you already have a level 3 qualification). Bootcamps are also a perfect way to get the word out there that you provide PT services so it’s a great tool for word of mouth marketing. Try organising some free taster sessions and let everyone know that you’re doing it. This is definitely one great way to get regular customers and when they are happy, they will most probably recommend your services to others.

Working in a gym

After finishing your course, working in a gym is the route most people decide to take! Quite a lot of people go down the route because it is the best place to get experience and we agree! While working in a gym you will be given the opportunity to run your own classes, do inductions for new members of the gym and work on the gym floor. This is not just only great experience that you are gaining but you are also able to take advice from colleagues who are PTs and ask them questions to set you on the right path.

The gym is also the best place for you to find your first clients. A lot of people that just joined the gym might feel a bit insecure or might want an individually tailored plan to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. We always advise our students not to have an aggressive technique when selling their PT classes as this approach might scare some gym goers. A good service begins with a natural and honest interaction with the gym’s clients. Offer your advice and help out as much as you can, people will notice your dedication and those who are on a lookout for a personal trainer will notice you. If you speak to people in the gym, inform them that you are able to work with them individually and help them achieve their goals but if you see that they are not looking for a PT, don’t be pushy – it hardly gets you anywhere. You can offer incentives like 2-4-1 classes or ‘Buy 5 get 1 free’ bundles.

I just finished my course…what happens now?

At Home Fitness

There are many personal training brands that you could go with to pursue your career, one of them being ‘At Home Fitness’. If you feel like working in a gym isn’t for you and you want to go down a different route, you are definitely able to! Brands such as At Home Fitness make it easier if you are starting out as a new personal trainer and this is because they help you build your client base and get the experience by training clients in their own home. It may look like a niche market but it’s one that’s constantly growing so this might be an option worth looking at. Find more about At Home Fitness here

There are so many more ways out there to get the best out of the fitness industry, whether you go out and start training clients or working in gym…there is no right or wrong way to discover the different ways of exploring the fitness industry! In this blog post we have only touched the tip of the iceberg, so now it’s up to you to explore how diverse this industry is.


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