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How to boost your earnings as a personal trainer


How certain factors can influence your earnings as a PTOne of the most prominent questions on everybody’s lips when it comes to the fitness industry and more specifically, personal training, is about the potential income of PTs.

How to boost your earnings as a personal trainer

Personal training is quite a rewarding career, both personally and financially, but only if you are dedicated and prepared to work hard enough in order to achieve the initial goals that you have set.

There are a few factors to that generally determine how well personal trainers get paid. These factors are both of a qualitative and quantitative nature and include:

1. The type of qualifications you have

in the UK, in order for you to be a personal trainer, the industry recommends to get qualified and certified. If you hold a personal trainer qualification, your chances of getting more clients will improve.

There are also multiple ways of developing your skills like CPDs, workshops or learning camps and all these contribute towards your better knowledge and understanding of the field. That is why it’s important to never stop learning and to be determined to gain more knowledge and improve your skills. Just like in any industry, there’s always something new emerging, may it be new fitness trends, new workouts or new technologies you can use – the idea is that once you are open to the idea of constantly getting better, the learning opportunities arise.

2. Your location

As many of you already know, being a personal trainer in London means that you can potentially earn more but that is not always the case. It all depends on the quality of your services and how well you market yourself because the fitness industry can be extremely competitive.

3. Employment Status

Whether you are a freelance or self-employed personal trainer, whether you are working for a gym or both – this is something that you also need to take into consideration when thinking of potential earnings.

4. Your overall experience

The more experience you gain the most sought after your services will be. As a new personal trainer in the industry, you can find it a bit frustrating to get new clients but you have to remember that perseverance and hard work are the key to success.

5. Quality, personality and word of mouth

Exactly what it says on the tin!

Normally, outside London you would be able to earn around £25-30 per hour or even up to £45 per hour, depending on the city or the demand for PTs in that city or neighbourhood.

In London, personal training sessions can certainly go for more and they normally average at around £50-£60 per hour but can certainly go up to £100 or even more per session.

In 2014 REPs has conducted a detailed study on earnings within the industry and below is a representation of salaries by region

How to boost your earnings as a personal trainer

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