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How To Become An Aerobics Instructor In The UK?


Becoming a qualified aerobics instructor will give you a good way to make a living in the fitness industry, as well as a strong platform for later progression into more specialist roles. Getting qualified to teach aerobics in the UK is very straightforward; here we explain the entire process…

Do I have to do a course?

Yes. For every job role in the fitness industry it is important that you get yourself fully certified in that field and aerobics is no different. The good news is that there is only one qualification you will need in order to become an aerobics instructor in the UK: the Exercise To Music Certificate. It’s a level 2 course, also known as “entry level”, meaning that you don’t need any prior training or experience to do it.

First you will learn about the theory of aerobics exercise and as much as you need to know about the human body to be able to teach aerobics safely, then you will be shown the practical exercises you’ll be taking people through. Finally you will have to undergo an assessment to demonstrate that you’ve learned enough to be able to do the job. If you pass, you’re a certified aerobics instructor.

Where can I take this course?

We currently provide the Exercise To Music Certificate from £570, which is a very low price for that course by industry standards. If you can’t or don’t want to make that payment all at once, we have a very flexible finance plan available to help you manage the payments.

We allow full-time or part-time study, and also allow students to study entirely online, from home, in their own time. This is accomplished through our online Student Zone – a website where you can access and download all the tutorials, videos and other learning materials you’ll need to complete the course. Don’t worry if you’re not very computer savvy; our support team is available by phone, Skype or email five days a week.

If you would prefer to do your training and assessments at a real location in front of the instructors, we have local training centers in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Leeds, Newcastle and Nottingham.

We have a pass rate of above 95%, and if you don’t complete the course on your first attempt, our student support team will give you feedback on what went wrong and where you need to improve, and we’ll let you resit the final assessment as many times as you need to pass.

How To Become An Aerobics Instructor In The UK?

Will employers recognize the qualification?

The Exercise To Music Certificate, like all of our courses, is an accredited YMCA Awards course, meaning that it will be recognized by industry employers anywhere in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, most of Europe and Asia, and anywhere else in the world that is a member of ICREPs (the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals).

Once you’ve acquired an Exercise To Music Certificate, you can get a job as an aerobics instructor in any of the above mentioned places, and if you go into business for yourself as a freelancer, the fact that you have that qualification will allow you to get fitness instructor insurance to protect you from any injury claims.

Could I do Zumba instructor training instead?

You do have the option of going elsewhere and doing a Zumba instructor course, but you would be much better off obtaining an Exercise To Music Certificate first. A Zumba teacher’s certification will only let you teach Zumba classes. An EMC will open the door to a wide variety of job roles and business opportunities in the fitness industry.

In addition, Zumba instructor courses do not provide as comprehensive a knowledge base as the EMC. An Exercise To Music course teaches students more than just practical exercises – it teaches things like postural & core stability, the muscle system, communication and motivation with trainees, and the science of planning exercise sessions for different types of people.

How To Become An Aerobics Instructor In The UK?

What is an aerobics instructor’s career like?

Most instructors are self-employed freelancers who work for multiple fitness clubs, invoicing each establishment for the hours they’ve spent teaching there each month. There are some, however, who work as in-house aerobics instructors on the payroll of a singe facility.

The average that instructors earn is £25 – £30 per hour. Some can earn as much as £50 an hour, depending on the establishment they’re teaching in, what type of class they’re giving, who the participants are, how many participants there are and whether it takes place at peak or off-peak times. Aerobics instructors usually teach three or four classes a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

It’s fairly easy to find work as an aerobics instructor. The majority of leisure centers and other fitness establishments runs lots of aerobics classes, so there is always a demand for qualified teachers. Instructors can always go into business for themselves by setting up their own classes in church halls or by renting a studio somewhere and taking money directly from participants.

If you want to get qualified to be a Zumba instructor, we recommend you wait and do it after first getting an Exercise To Music Certificate.

In order to do the job, aerobics instructors need to be quite fit and have good stamina. The instructor always has to work much harder than the rest of the class as he or she is the one who has to demonstrate the perfect way to do everything.

The job is also mentally challenging. An instructor has to remember every step and routine, lead the class with exactly the right moves, and spend lots of time preparing the choreography which usually changes ever four-to-six weeks if they want to keep participants happy and returning to the classes.

People who are very shy to the point that they would not be able to address large groups should not pursue a career as an aerobics instructor. The job is most suited to people who are outgoing, confident, have a bubbly personality and natural leadership skills. That is not to say that more introverted types cannot do the job, but they will need to be comfortable addressing large groups.


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