How To Become A Personal Trainer In The UK

[UPDATED 2 AUGUST 2017] Being a personal trainer is a great way to make a living if you’re someone who is passionate about exercise and enjoys helping other people. It can be a bit hard to figure out the best way to get started as a PT, so here we explain exactly how to become a personal trainer in the UK…


What do I need to be a personal trainer?

In order to become a personal trainer in the UK, you’ll need the following four things:

1) Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification

2) Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification

3) First Aid Certificate

4) Personal Trainer Insurance


1) Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification

The level 2 gym instructor course (also known as a fitness instructor course) is the starting point in the careers of most personal trainers and other fitness industry professionals.

By itself, it entitles one to work as a gym instructor for a gym, health club or any other kind of fitness establishment in the UK and in many other countries.

As a level 2 qualification, it is at the same level as a school GCSE, so it’s not difficult to complete this course for people who do the necessary study. We have a 93% first-time pass rate for students on our gym instructor courses.

When studied on a part-time basis, the course takes six weeks. When studied full-time, it takes only eight days.

We can deliver the course on a part-time or a full-time basis to suit the requirements of our students. We also offer any of our one-day CPD courses free with our gym instructor course.


2) Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification

The level 3 personal trainer course entitles a person to work for themselves as a personal trainer in the UK and in many foreign countries.

At qualification level 3, it’s at the same level as an A-level or a BTEC National Diploma, so it’s a larger and more challenging course than the level 2 gym, but we have an 85% first-time pass rate for students on our personal trainer courses.

When studied on a part-time basis the course takes five months. When studied full-time, it takes only three weeks.

Anyone who does not already have the prerequisite level 2 gym course can study both the level 2 and level 3 courses with one of our combined course packages which take slightly longer but are much better value than studying both courses separately.

We teach the personal trainer course at our multiple state-of-the-art training centres across England and Wales. We conduct training in places such as London, Cardiff, Manchester and Portsmouth.

View the current offer for our accredited Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma >>


3) First Aid Certificate

The first aid certificate, sometimes known as an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, is a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognized training course.

It teaches personal trainers how to perform basic first aid in case any of their clients should sustain an injury during training.

It is valid for three years before it needs to be renewed.

You can take this course with us and obtain a first aid certificate for only £125. It’s also included in our Level 3 Personal Trainer Course and our Level 2 Gym Instructor Course.


4) Personal Trainer Insurance

Personal trainer insurance is not technically a legal requirement, but it would be extremely foolish for anyone to work as a personal trainer without it.

If someone under the supervision of a personal trainer is hurt or injured during the course of their training, if the trainer does not have an insurance policy in place, he or she would be personally liable for  any compensation that would have to be paid to the injured client.

So for example, if you’re running with a client in a park and they fall over and break their leg and can’t work for six months, if you don’t have an insurance policy in place, you could end up having to pay them whatever they would have earned during that time.

Discovery Learning provide four weeks of free insurance for graduates of our personal trainer courses. Note that this only applies to self-employed personal trainers, as PTs employed in-house by a fitness establishment will be covered by their employers’ insurance policy.

To find out everything you need to know about personal trainer insurance including our recommended providers, check out our guide to personal trainer insurance.


How do you succeed as a personal trainer?

After you’ve got your qualifications and your insurance sorted out, the sky really is the limit for your career as a personal trainer, but only if you run your business well.

You will have to decide what kind of personal trainer you want to be and what kind of clients you want to work with, but most importantly of all, you will need to market yourself and get clients in order to succeed.

To learn how to do that, we suggest you read through some of the other articles on our blog. We provide a lot of advice for PTs about how to run their businesses and get clients.


Interested in teaching aerobics? Check out our exercise to music course >>


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll try to help you out..


  1. jonathan may says

    Am interested in becoming a personal trainer and would like some more information on how about doing it such as costs etc .

    • Discovery Learning says

      Hi. Why not give us a call and chat to one of our advisers on 0208 543 1017? Or go to our homepage and use our live chat feature to talk to someone?

        • Discovery Learning says

          Hi Emily. I suggest you call our course information team on 0208 543 1017. They can give you all the information you require.

    • says

      I have a question, so i like to know how much it cost, how long is period of training course to became a personal trainer or fitness trainer. I mean how much semester i must finished to become a fitness instructor in your country.
      In december i will have a last exam to became a personal fitness instructor in Slovenia, but i want to come in England and work there..
      So i like to know do i must to do again the exams in your school or i will be recognized in your country, like a personal trainer or i must done verification for my education. What i must to do ? I payed a lot of money for exams in Slovenia, and if i can not be able to work in your country i will not have money to pay a bill in your country.
      But any way tell me how much it cost your school for fitness instructor, or maybe can you send me a program of education for this training school.
      And what is with employ, are people work permanently or on contract.
      Can i finished your school on online version do you have this. I am honest men, you must know that my life is far away from your country.
      thanks !!!



      • Discovery Learning says

        Hello Uros,

        The length of time it will take you to complete one of our personal trainer courses depends on whether you choose to study part-time or full-time.

        You can do the course online if you prefer.

        I think you will need to do another personal trainer course to be recognized as a personal trainer in the UK.

        The best people for you to talk to would be our sales advisers. They can answer all your questions fully and discuss your options with you. I suggest you call the number at the top of our screen, or use the live chat support feature on our homepage to speak to one of our advisers.

  2. Adrion says

    Personal trainers are much like an entrepreneur. They help the clients to achieve their goal. So if you want to become a personal trainer, you require some qualification. The above information, gives a brief idea about that.

  3. katarzyna says

    i would like to become a personal trainer what do i have to do?what courses or trainings do i have to finish?

  4. Andrew says

    Have started at a gym and getting in shape, am starting to get the fitness bug and would be interested in doing this for a career could you please send me more info . Venues costs etc

    • Discovery Learning says

      Could you please be more specific? Are you asking us how much freelance personal trainers normally have to pay to be allowed to find and train clients in an established health club?

      If you’d like to have a conversation with us, please feel free to give us a call on 0208 543 1017 and speak to one of our advisers.

  5. shafeeque says

    now I am taking a fitness course I am already finish higher secondary education. what qualifications more for me?? I would like settle to uk.i am a indian citizen.

    • Discovery Learning says

      As stated in the article, to work as a personal trainer in the United Kingdom, you need to have completed a level 3 personal trainer course.

  6. David Major says

    I’d like to be a tennis coach but the personal trainer level 2 required.Is this the same certification what I need or different?

  7. Dam says

    I am physiotherapist from India and on student visa right now in uk. Can I be eligible for doing job as personal trainer?

    • Discovery Learning says

      You are only eligible to work as a personal trainer in the UK if you have a level 3 personal training qualification. If you did get qualified to work a personal trainer, your additional skills as a physiotherapist would make you a high earning personal trainer, because you’d be able to get a lot of clients in need of rehabilitation training.

  8. Othmane Noubir says

    Hi, im from morroco and i would like to achieve those certifications but can i work with these certifications outside the U.K. ??

    • Discovery Learning says

      In some external countries UK certifications are sufficient to work as a personal trainer. It depends what country you want to work in.

  9. gavin says

    im ex uk infantry and train 6 days a week in my local gym, a friend has said to me i should research doing a course to become a full time personal trainer

  10. ignas says

    If I have very deep understanding about personal training, nutrition, have a lot experience in training, etc. Can I pass the courses faster then it should be?

    • Discovery Learning says

      Hi Ignas. Possibly you could do it faster than our other students. You should contact our sales team to ask them for advice. The number is 0208 543 1017.

  11. adarsh says

    1st of all very nice article. .2nd..I am from India 17 yrs old and I am just a beginner right now but I am interested to take fitness as a im interested to know which is the best institute for personal trainer certification in UK or in the world and are there any other options in fitness other than personal training?

    • Discovery Learning says

      Yes, there are lots of other types of fitness professional besides personal trainers.

      And the best institute for getting qualified as a personal trainer in the UK is us, Discovery Learning, because we offer the same quality as the best in the business but for much lower prices.

        • Discovery Learning says

          There are many other roles in the UK health and fitness industry besides personal trainer. What sort of work do you think you would most like to do?

    • Discovery Learning says

      I suggest you give us a call on 0208 543 1017. Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the information you require.

  12. says

    Hi there.

    My name is Tony and I am a Personal Trainer in Canada, however I am originally from England and have studied a National Diploma in Sport in the UK. I am looking to come back to England in the next year and would like to become a certified PT in England. Is there any thing I can do from my end to speed up the process? Online courses etc? Also if I was to run my own business in England would I need to take a group fitness training course to be able to teach a class?

    Thanks in advance

    • Discovery Learning says

      There is nothing you can do to speed up the process Tony, but our full-time courses are extremely fast. Once you’ve got your personal trainer certificate, you’ll be able to run your own business training people in groups or individually as you see fit.

  13. Phill Parker says


    I’m a Personal Trainer in Cardiff and I’m very interested in doing some of your courses.

    What are your prices? I couldn’t find them on your website.

    If you could let me know, I’d really appreciate it!

    Thanks a lot


  14. Mo says

    I am now dieting and hoping to become a consultant selling the diet programme I am using. In order to maintain the weightloss, I am considering becoming a personal trainer not only to train clients but also a way of building up my own fitness level. I’ve never been sporty or athletic. Is this an option for me?

    • Discovery Learning says

      Yes certainly this is an option for you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been sporty or athletic. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to do the job.

  15. Roland Hantosi says

    Hi. I’m 18 years old and I’m going to a college five days a week. This is my first year but now I’m just learn English and I want to be a Personal Trainer. Now I’m in Entry 3 and my question is what level I needed for start learn this job?

    • Discovery Learning says

      The only requirement for studying a personal trainer course is the prerequisite level 2 gym instructor course, and the only requirement for a level 2 gym instructor course is that you are at least sixteen years old. Don’t worry about your existing qualification level. If you want to be a personal trainer, just do those two courses, either one after the other or both at once with our combined package.

  16. Whitney Geoghegan says

    Hi im cert 3& 4 qualified personal trainer in Australia just wondering if those qualifications allow me to train in the industry in the UK

    • Discovery Learning says

      If I remember correctly, the UK and Australia are both part of the registry of exercise professionals, so it’s very possible that those qualifications would also allow you to work as a personal trainer in the UK. If you apply for personal trainer insurance over here, they’ll let you know whether your qualifications are sufficient. If you can get insurance over here you’re ready to start training clients.

  17. Lucy says

    Can you enrole on the course of you are in the early stages of pregnancy? I am a recently retired dancer/ aerialist so know my bodies capabilities

    • Discovery Learning says

      If you call the number at the top of the screen, our sales staff will give you the answers to that and any other questions you have related to course bookings.

  18. Agi says

    Hi,I’m interested in Fitness Instructor (exercise to music) course but also I would like to do PT course in the future. Do I still have to pass Gym Instructor course before that? Or Level 2 exercise to music will be enough? Thanks.

    • Discovery Learning says

      You will need to pass the level 2 gym instructor course in order to take a level 3 personal trainer course. You can do them both at once however if that makes it easier.

  19. Catherine says

    Hi I’m living in Australia at the minute but am moving to the uk in May I have completed a certificate 11 in fitness here does that count over there and also can I apply for the couse while still in Australia so I can get my visa?

    • Discovery Learning says

      Hi Catherine. If you call the number you see at the top of the screen and speak to our sales team, they will be happy to provide you with the answers to these and any other questions you have.

  20. Rich says


    I’d like to start up as a personal trainer focussing on triathlon, particularly swimming. I’m currently taking my level 1 triathlon coaching cert and plan on taking the ASA 1 & 2 for swimming. I’d like to run sessions outdoors for the cycling and running disciplines and have no intention of being a gym instructor. Will I still need to do the level 2 gym instructor course in order to attain the level 3 personal trainer cert?



    • Discovery Learning says

      Yes. You will need the level 2 gym instructor course in order to obtain the level 3 personal trainer certificate. You can obtain each qualification on separate courses or both at once with one of our combined course packages.

  21. carla rees says

    Hi. Do i need to be physically fit to become a personal trainer? I am lean and fairly healthy but my cardiovascular fitness is seriously lacking although i have a good knowledge of all things fitness related. Will i be required to pass any physical fitness tests to complete the gym level 2 and pt lvl 3? Thanks

    • Discovery Learning says

      No, you don’t have to take a physical fitness test in order to enroll on our courses. Whether you need to be fit and healthy to be a personal trainer depends on what stuff you do with your clients. You will need to be fit if you’re going to go running with them.

  22. Palmi says

    What level of education do I need to have to become a personal trainer? do I have to be very slim too ?
    I would like to start parents and buggies outdoor activities in UK.

    • Discovery Learning says

      You don’t need any existing education when you start training to be a personal trainer with us. You only need the Level 2 Gym Instructor Course, but you can do that with us at the same time as your personal trainer course. You don’t need to be very slim.

    • Discovery Learning says

      That’s not a problem. Many people for whom English is a second language come on our courses and do fine.

  23. Garai says

    I am interested in get the level 2 and 3 of personal trainer and I would like to know if I need any English certificate to do it, because I am spanish and my English level is between intermediate and upper intermediate, is it enough?

    • Discovery Learning says

      You don’t need any English certificate to do those courses. If you can have a conversation with people in English and read written English you’ll be fine.

  24. Dina says

    Hi I’m looking into doing the combined Level 2 gym + Level 3 PT with you. Where can I find information on which countries recognize the qualification? I’m hoping to work around Europe and New Zealand.

    • Discovery Learning says

      I suggest you check with the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals. Any country that is a part of that will recognize the qualifications we provide:

      Feel free to call our sales team if you would like more information: +44208 543 1017

  25. mark says

    Hi, I’ve been qualified as a level 2 fitness instructor for 7 months. I have my own personal gym, could I train individuals if I have insurance?

    • Discovery Learning says

      If you have insurance you would be protected from injury claims, but I doubt any insurance provider would cover you if you don’t have a personal trainer certification.

  26. Josh says

    I am going through my GCSE’S now and In the future I would like to become a personal trainer, what GCSE’S do I need to become a personal trainer and what knowledge

    • Discovery Learning says

      You don’t need any GCSEs to become a personal trainer. You need two qualifications: The Level 2 Gym Instructor course, and the Level 3 Personal Trainer course. These courses can be bought and studied together from us as soon as you’re ready. Doing them both at the same time will allow you to become a personal trainer much sooner. You can study with us part-time or full-time, whichever is best for you, and you can learn online, from home, in your own time. I suggest you give us a call on 0208 543 1017 and talk to our team to find out more about how we can help you.

  27. Alex says

    hey there,

    I m writing from Romania,being interested about this job.
    I m wondering if my fitness instructor from here can help me to work there or i need to have a course there:)
    Best Regards,Alex

  28. Anton says

    Hey im from israel and i don’t have Europen visa.
    Do you grant a student visa for the time of the course?
    Do you help the studants that finished the course to find jobs in london?

    • Discovery Learning says

      No, we are unable to provide our customers with student visas. We guarantee one job interview with health club chain Virgin Active to everyone who completes our level 3 personal trainer course. We also give plenty of advice to our students about how to find jobs and prepare fitness industry CVs.

  29. Gopi says

    Hi guys,

    My brother and I are passionate about and thinking about starting to teach strength and conditioning, circuit training, combat fighting, self defence, etc either in a pre-established venue or ideally in our own place. I have dabbled in fighting for a few years but prefer kettlebells, weights, CV etc but my brother (although he loves weights too) has about 25 years experience in various martial arts (MMA, Muay Thai, Karate, Jitsu, Boxing etc). Would we need fitness qualifications to do this?



    • Discovery Learning says

      It depends whether you can get insurance without having fitness qualifications. If you can find an insurance provider willing to insure you against any liability in the event of someone under your supervision getting injured, then I suppose you don’t need a fitness qualification. But unless you’re absolutely sure that you already know what you’re doing, then you should still take a fitness training course so you know you’re giving people correct and safe advice for how to condition their bodies.

  30. Gill says

    Hello, I’m a doctor from India and I’ve always been interested in physical culture. I’d like to know if I could be a personal trainer in the UK after doing the above mentioned courses and would my additional profile of being a doctor help in any way? Thanks.

    • Discovery Learning says

      Yes, if you complete our personal trainer course, you can work as a personal trainer in the UK. Being a doctor might make it easier for you to get clients referred to you from National Health Service doctors in this country. It might also make clients trust your advice more when you tell them that you are also a qualified doctor.

  31. Thomas Holbrook says

    i will be 17 in May and am currently at college studying electrical engineering. I have attended the local gym 5 times a week for the past 2 years and is my only interest. I follow a tight eating regime and am desperate to learn more. I live in Loughborough , Leics. and would like to know if there is a learning opportunity in my area. I would equire a level 2 gym instructor qualification. Loughborough has the largest sports university in the country and I wondered if you are connected in any way with them. I would like to know :
    Am I old enough to do this course
    The cost
    The location
    All information on a gym instructor qualification with a view to
    continue and gain a personal trainer qualification

    • Discovery Learning says

      Hello Thomas. We provide online learning here, so you can do a gym instructor course with us from wherever you are in the UK. You definitely should phone our advisers and let them tell you all about it: 0208 543 1017

  32. Josh says

    I am currently in my last year of secondary school finishing off my gcses, I am 17 turning 18 in December, I wasn’t to be a personal trainer/fitness model as my future career, however I have 14 subjects in my school I am taking an exam in and I want to know what GCSES I need to be that career
    Thank you

  33. R.M says

    Hi, I am very interested in the combined level 2 and level 3 personal trainer course. I am just wondering, is it possible to qualify for that while in the first stages of a pregnancy?

    Thanks in advance

  34. R.M says

    I forgot to mention that I’m used to exercising the whole time. swimming, muscle training and exercises, jogging, dance classes etc

    • Discovery Learning says

      I think it would be fine, but just to be sure, you should talk on the phone with one of our course advisers: 0208 543 1017

  35. alina says

    Hello ,

    I am bulgarian citizen can I am interested in becoming personal trainer .Can I work in UK ?
    Would I be hired being bulgarian citizen.

    Thank you

    • Discovery Learning says

      If you complete a personal trainer course from an accredited UK provider, then you can work as a personal trainer in the UK.

  36. Daniel Hemming says

    Hi there, I am currently studying a level 3 sport and exercise science course (90 credit) at college (which is equivalent to 3 A levels), and plan to go to university to study a sports degree, if I had both the level 3 (90 credit) degree AND a university degree in something such as a Bsc Hons in Sport Science or a BA Hons in Sport and Fitness Studies, would I be able to work as a personal trainer without these degrees you have posted above?

  37. Marcus says

    What age do most people become a personal trainer, and is it necessary to study anything linked to it at A-level. Also is it a good idea to study it at uni, if so what kind of results would you need at A-level?

    • Discovery Learning says

      Hi Marcus. People train to become personal trainers at lots of different ages. It’s not necessary to study anything linked to it at A-level. It seems pointless to spend three or four years studying to become a personal trainer at University when you can do a vocational training course from a provider like us and get qualified in a few months.

  38. Harvey says

    Hi, I am in school and I will need to choose my options soon, could you give me some more information about which causes to take at GCSE and BETEC level?
    Thanks in advance, Harvey

    • Discovery Learning says

      It doesn’t make any difference to becoming a personal trainer what GCSE or BTEC qualifications you possess. But we suggest you still stay in school and get some qualifications at that level, just because they’re useful to have and you never know when you might need them in life.

  39. Mari Carmen Sánchez Zaragoza says

    Hello, I want to know if I do these courses to become a PT, I have to renew them form time to time or do not expire? Thank you

  40. Piyush mehta says

    i live in india.i am studying for ACSM and i have a experience of 2 year as a personal trainer .what else i need to be a personal trainer in uk?

    • Discovery Learning says

      To be a personal trainer in the United Kingdom you should obtain a Level 2 Gym Instructor and a Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.

  41. Steve says

    Hello, Can I do the Level 2 Gym Instructor Course if i dont have the level 1? or will i need to get that first? As im not based in England I will have to do the online course, for the exams can I take it where I live in an exam test centre? And also how would I do a practical exam if I dont live in England?


  42. says

    Discovery Learning,
    This is a great and very thorough way to provide the step by step instructions on how to become a trainer. I think it would also be important to list the perks and the disadvantages of becoming a trainer ( a lot of which i didn’t know when i first got certified).

    I’ve been a personal trainer for 8 years now; I’ve never worked at a commercial gym or for anyone else (I was lucky). Most personal trainers work really odd hours, super early morning clients, middle of the day off then work again in the afternoon/evening. Like anything else in life you get use to it. The hardest part for me was taking off days. Any day off that I wanted, I felt like I was missing out on money. I used to be self-employed and the only trainer. I hated not working because I lost money, plus my clients had to find other ways to stay active.

    Luckily, I have been able to grow my personal training clientele to where I had to hire other trainers. I have my own private personal training facility, 3 trainers and now have the freedom to go places and keep the operation running. Becoming a personal trainer was the right move for me. The struggle was real at the beginning. The first 5 years, I barely made enough to survive on but I was single, no kids, so it wasn’t too bad. Now, because I stuck it out, I can reap the rewards. This past year, 2016, I made more money than I had made the first 5 years combined.

    It’s a very rewarding job, tough when you first start, however, if you want it bad enough you can make a career out of it. I have AWESOME clients, great relationships with them. My first two clients EVER (from 8 years ago – are still training with me).

    You have to be a people person, care about your clients’ success and NEVER, EVER, stop learning. When you stop learning , is when you stop growing. Since earning my personal training certificate, I’ve gone to earn 3 college degrees in the health field. One in Exercise Science and two degrees in nursing (I’m also a registered nurse). Make yourself standout from other trainers and you can do pretty well for yourself. It’s not 100% necessary to get degrees but at the very least you need to self educate.

    Thank you for sharing this post and I want to wish anyone who’s thinking about becoming a trainer good luck in their journey. If you’re passionate enough about fitness and helping people you can be successful!

    • Discovery Learning says

      Dear Louben,
      This is such a great comment, we love to hear from passionate personal trainers such as yourself! Keep up the good work!
      DL team

  43. jp says

    hi, I have almost finished my level 3 BTEC diploma in sports. Once finished, would that be an equivalent of a level 2 gym instructor?, would it allow me to work as a gym instructor here in the UK?

    • Discovery Learning says

      No I don’t see how it would. I don’t think anyone would employ you as a gym instructor in the UK unless you hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor Certificate.

  44. says

    Hello, would you recommend personal training as a good career path? I have a passion for fitness and really want to start my own personal trainer business. However, I have heard it is a very competitive industry and can be difficult to get clients. Do you have any tips for getting clients?

    Thank you

  45. Alex says

    Is it possible to sell someone else insurance in a package coupled with other things? providing u have the insurers promotion and giving them money as well of course?

    • Discovery Learning says

      I believe some personal trainer course providers in the United Kingdom might provide a few months of free personal trainer insurance as part of their course packages.

  46. Chris says

    I am currently a construction supervisor but would love a change in career. How would be the best way to gain employment after I have completed your course as I wouldn’t be able to leave my current employment due to mortgage and family needs.

    • Discovery Learning says

      I would suggest you start applying for work with fitness establishments while you’re still at your current job, and not leave your construction job until someone has made you a formal offer with a sufficient salary.

  47. David Watkinson says

    Hi there, I am currently a Canfit Pro Certified Personal Training Specialist in Canada. I am looking at moving back to England in the next couple of years and was wondering if my certification is recognized. I also teach boot camp and TRX classes.

    • Discovery Learning says

      I suggest you contact the Register of Exercise Professionals in the UK and ask them whether your specific personal training qualification is recognized over here.

  48. David Watkinson says

    One more thing… is it possible to do the Level 2 gym instructor and Level 3 PT qualifications online?

    • Discovery Learning says

      Our combined Level 2 Gym and Level 3 PT courses feature a lot of online study, as do all of our courses, but there will be some attendance required, even though it may just be for the final assessment. You should give us a call and talk to our course advisers to find out exactly how it would work.

  49. Vlad says

    I see that some people are asking about the price and time (full time or part-time), is that so difficult to just say the price and time? Easy and simple just a straight answer i would appreciate. THANK YOU

    • Discovery Learning says

      Hi Vlad,
      Prices, format and times depend on the level of the course you would be interested in and your location.
      For example, a part-time weekend gym instructor course in London starts from £539 and a full time Personal Trainer Diploma (that includes a Lvl2 + Lvl3 cert) is priced at £1799.
      There are other formats or prices so depending on what you are interested in, you can have a look on our website or give us a call on 0208 543 1017

      Hope this helps,
      DL team

  50. Helen says

    I completed the gym instructor level 2 as part of my BTEC diploma in sports science. Does this expire? I completed it 12years ago. I want to get back into gym work and am interested in completing the personal trainer course but not sure if I would need to complete the level 2 again.

    • Discovery Learning says

      Hi Helen,

      Thank you for your comment – we’ve passed your question onto one of our friendly course advisers and he will get in touch and explain which would be the next steps for you.

      DL team

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