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How To Become a Nutritionist in The UK


If you're interested in health, fitness and nutrition but don't fancy becoming something exercise orientated like a PE teacher or personal trainer, why not consider becoming a nutritionist and making a positive impact in people's lives by helping them find the best diet for themselves?

To be a good nutritionist, you need to be interested in food and the science behind it, you’ll need to be able to understand and motivate those who need your help, you’ll need to have good communication skills and be sympathetic and understanding about others’ lifestyles, and it would also help to be very organised.

Dietitian or nutritionist?

Dietitian is a regulated title, and you can only call yourself one if you complete the necessary qualifications, which you can normally only achieve after first attaining a suitable educational background, such as a BSc in nutrition or biology, normally followed by an additional post-graduate study.

The nutritionist classification, however, is not a regulated title, meaning anyone who’s done any sort of nutrition course can call themselves a nutritionist. There is no specific route into the profession. That’s why personal trainers are qualified to develop nutrition plans for clients if they’ve done training that covered nutrition.

So if you want to as soon as possible begin a new career helping people to make their lives better through a healthier diet, we suggest you go with being a nutritionist over a dietitian.

Career opportunities for nutritionists

As a nutritionist, your work will involve advising and educating people about how to maintain healthy diets and make better lifestyle choices. You will be able to work either by yourself or alongside other health and fitness professionals in settings such as:

  • The National Health Service
  • Local community health initiatives
  • Private sector fitness establishments
  • Your own private practice
  • Charitable organizations
  • Education and training
  • Academic research projects

Can I be a personal trainer and a nutritionist?

Absolutely. Many personal trainers/nutritionists do this. We, as well as other industry training providers, have created a diverse course portfolio that provides training paths for both physical exercise and nutritional science, to make sure our graduates are well equipped to advise on either of these topics.

Why not have a look at the Discovery Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity course, which is one of the most respected nutrition courses in the UK and will give you all the skills and expertise necessary to provide nutrition-driven weight management services to adults.

Another option is the Clinical Nutrition CPD (continued professional development) course which will teach you how to design safe and effective nutritional plans for your clients to suit their individual requirements.


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