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How Much Money Can You Make as a ​Sports Massage Therapist​? 


Sports Massage therapists work with clients who are experiencing musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries, treating them through specialist sports massage treatments and rehabilitation techniques to improve movement and activity.

How much money a Sports Massage Therapist makes depends on a few different factors, as with any job.

How Much Money Can I Make as a Sports Massage Therapist?

Firstly, it depends whether you work in your own practice, a health and wellness studio or a sports club. Careers in Sports massage in London generally offer slightly higher salaries than the rest of the UK, but it also depends on how many hours you work, how good you are and which clients or organisations you work for. According to, the average UK salary for a sports massage therapist is £23,583. Self-employed sports massage therapists can generally command rates between £18 and £40 an hour, dependant on experience and qualifications.

Our sports massage course will equip you with the knowledge to be ready for practice as soon as you finish the course.

Sports Massage Therapy
Sports Massage Therapy

How Much Can You Make as a Sports Massage Therapist for Sports Teams?

Large professional football and rugby clubs tend to offer salaries for sports massage therapists between £40k and £70k a year, with smaller clubs offering around £35k. These jobs are highly sought-after and usually only open to highly qualified candidates with years of experience.

“Sports Massage Therapists for large professional sports teams can earn up to £70k”.

How Much Money Can I Make as a Newly-Qualified Sports Massage Therapist?

The more qualified you are, the more you can expect to earn. We offer both Level 3 and Level 4 Active IQ-accredited Sports Massage courses, which you can book together as a bundle.

If you’re launching a career in fitness and the sports massage course is your first qualification, an in-house role at a clinic or health and fitness establishment starts at under £20k, rising to between £25k and £28k after a few years. One way to make more money as a sports massage therapist is to expand your skills in the industry and train as a personal trainer as well. Having both sets of skills is a valuable way to stand out from the crowd and offer a more holistic set of services for your clients. Explaining the benefits of sports massage to your PT clients will enable you to grow that side of your business with existing clients.

Read our guide, How to Become a Sports Massage Therapist, for further advice on this career path. Or, browse our Sports Massage courses and take the first step towards getting qualified.

How Much Money Can You Make as a ​Sports Massage Therapist​? 


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