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Glad To Be a Grad: Career routes once you qualify as a personal trainer


In this week's Glad To be a Grad series, we're looking at potential employment routes with Everyone Active for students who qualify as personal trainers. The fitness industry is quite competitive and we'd like all our grads to stay on top of their game by knowing what lies ahead once they finish their studies.

Employment within Everyone Active allows grads to choose two different routes:

1. Employed with 50/50 split :

What this means is that the person would be employed as a part-time Fitness Motivator (generally between 10-20 hours/ week dependant on the site) in which time they would have the opportunity to interact with members on the gym floor and deliver PT taster sessions.
Each member is entitled to a free session when joining Everyone Active and this way, Fitness Motivators would have the opportunity to convert the members benefiting from a free PT session into paying clients. Any paid sessions would be delivered outside of their contracted hours and they would receive 50% of the session price on delivery.

2. Self-employed rental PT :

Some of Everyone Active’s most successful and long-standing Personal Trainers have come through this route.

The self-employed rental PT means that the PT would be contracted to a self-employed service level agreement. This is payable monthly by direct debit on the 1st of each month and the PT would then be paid directly by the client. Everyone Active set the minimum PT prices but Self Employed PTs can charge more. Depending on the site, self-employed personal trainers might be able to benefit from reduced rental payment for the first 1-2 months.

With both of these options advertisement would be included (profile advertised, regular marketing and PT launches), however, the PT would be expected to devote time to building their own business. Employed PTs will have monthly meetings with their Fitness Manager to discuss their business objectives going forward and they have the opportunity to move away from their paid hours and into a self-employed role.

If you are thinking of starting a new career and qualifying as a personal trainer, make sure you check our courses or packages.

Glad To Be a Grad: Career routes once you qualify as a personal trainer


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