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Fitness Business FAQs – Part 2


This is part two to our previous article addressing some commonly asked questions about the fitness business.

Fitness Business FAQs – Part 2

How do I market myself?

Always be on the gym floor, either interacting with people, helping some friends (if you have no clients, you might as well help out others – gets you experience and makes you busy, which is always a good things for a potential client to see). Don’t stand around drinking coffee and browsing Instagram.

Also, remember that first impressions count so mind your language, always wear clean gym gear, ask your client relevant questions and listen to them and what they would actually like to achieve. Last but not least, remember that a client chooses you just as much as you choose them.

If you are comfortable in front of a camera, you can always start a vlog on Youtube, or just set up dedicated profiles on Instagram and Facebook where you post advice, shots of your daily meals, clients’ progressions, fitness challenges or anything that is related to your area of expertise.

When you client is happy with what they’ve achieved with your help, don’t be afraid to ask for reviews or references and maybe to recommend you further to their friends and acquaintances.

How do you set the time of the training session?

Always give your client a choice between two times but don’t ask or say ‘when you prefer’. That just says you don’t have too many clients and leaving too much choice can be confusing for people. By giving them a choice between two times, it will make this whole thing easier.

What if one client keeps on cancelling their sessions?

Things happen all the time and sometimes, some situations make it difficult for your client to commit to that training day and so they cancel it. It’s not something that you can control, but when this sort of thing happens too often you should talk to your client and try to find out why they often don’t show up to their training sessions and if there’s anything you can do to help with the issue. It might be that you come across as intimidating, that they got bored, that they don’t find it enjoyable anymore or they just feel that they don’t require a personal trainer any more. There could be any number of reasons why a client keeps on cancelling, but you should always try to find out why.

What if one of my clients is just unbearable and rude?

Again, you choose them just as much as they choose you. When you initially speak to a potential client is up to you to asses whether your personalities match and if you would be able to work with them.


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