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Fitness Business FAQs – Part 1


So you’ve decided that it’s time to make a change and since you love fitness and you’re committed to help others succeed, what better career path to go onto than that of becoming a personal trainer? You’re determined, you want to succeed and most importantly, you want to go at it alone from the very beginning but you have some questions about the whole process.

Fitness Business FAQs – Part 1

Do customers care about your certification?

Yes and no. That really depends on the kind of potential customers you encounter. Some might just nod their head and get over it quickly and others might just go even further and ask you about it and request details.

The point is that, if a customer decided from the beginning in their heads that you are not the trainer for them, no amount of qualifications that you might hold can make them choose you.

If I’m certified, does that make me qualified?

Well, tricky one and unfortunately, the answer is NO.

In order for you to be qualified to give people fitness advice and train them for a specific purpose, just getting a certification won’t cut it and won’t bring in results for either you or your client. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, this applies to the PT industry as well. The more hours you spend on getting the know how and building your fitness knowledge, the more chances you will have to actually succeed in it. You constantly need to be informed, to want to learn more, to continue specialising in various areas.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. The main and most common is the liability insurance that will cover you if your client gets hurt (subject to various terms and conditions, of course – it will not cover you if the accident is a direct result of your negligence).Another one that you might consider is the disability cover,, which is quite self-explanatory


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