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Courses For Armed Forces Available Through Salute Training


Salute Training's mission is to help armed forces veterans get qualified within various industries so their resettlement is as smooth as possible and after which, they can go straight into work. In a nutshell, the main aim of this is to aid one's professional development before they leave the Forces and this is possible because Salute Training have the expertise and the knowledge behind all this.

Salute Training Ltd was formed in 2017 in response to a request for assistance from a veteran which came through the founder’s other business, Salute Recruitment Ltd. As a brand, Salute Training started in 2016 with Salute Recruitment Ltd after some bad experience with other recruitment companies and how impersonal the service actually was. Gav Summers, the founder, really wanted to give something back to the UK Armed Forces community that both his wife and himself were proudly part of. He has served 11 years in the Royal Air Force as an Avionics Technician and could clearly see the quality of personnel that head out in the civilian world of work often unprepared for the careers they hope to begin. For that reason, Salute Recruitment was born and meant to help fill that gap by offering employment support. It quickly became apparent that quite often the resettlement process through CTP was failing many service personnel as they were doing courses with no thought often being put into how they would help in the long term. The company was approached by a veteran who was hoping to start a new career but his qualifications were inadequate for what he wanted to do, so Gav and his wife formed Salute Training as a way to source, not only the best quality courses but also those providers who offer recognised

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As an employment service between the 2 companies which often work hand in hand, they offer the following services:

  • Recruitment support and advice
  • Bespoke CV writing
  • Interview guidance
  • Quality accredited and recognised training provided by our partners across multiple industries (including offering bespoke packages which can include not only the course but also accommodation and travel all for one price)
  • Assistance for those looking for business start-up
  • The recruitment agency also prides ourselves on having a much more personal touch, rather than just being a random email you send a CV to, they endeavor to meet every veteran and get to know exactly what we need to do to assist them.

As of early 2018, they have also expanded their reach to cover all those working in the UK uniformed services (i.e. Police, Fire, Paramedic etc), after a request from
a serving policeman to carry out a course.

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The ultimate goal is for Gav and his wife Nicky to build the Salute brand to be something that all those with the service community recognise across the UK as a company dedicated to offering only the best, and with the community at the forefront of everything we do (Including a number of other companies opening under the Salute brand in
the near future).

Not all Training & Recruitment Agencies understand how serving in the UK Armed Forces impacts a whole family, and that is why the Salute brand was formed. Out of a necessity to bring quality services to those armed forces personnel and a deep understanding of the lifestyle of these families. So if you’re looking to develop your professional development before you leave the Forces, a spouse looking to return to the workplace or a Veteran looking to deliver Life Skills to the next generation, get in touch. Your next step is the most important one.


Our packages offer a range of courses with flexible option, giving you the best possible value to start a new career or develop your professional skills.