How to clean a Ninja Coffee Maker? Cleaning Instruction

You might use your Ninja coffee maker every day, sometimes even many times a day. So please keep in mind how many bacteria and germs are exposing your coffee bar.

How to clean a Ninja Coffee Maker?

Although you are quite careful when using filtered water, make sure that your coffee hands are clean every time.

It cannot be deniable that bacteria, germs, calcium deposits, and even gross things appear in your Ninja Coffee maker.

Right now, we would like to introduce to you How to clean a Ninja Coffee Maker in order that your own coffee maker can be brushed off regularly.

What You Will Need

  • Hot water
  • Descaling Solution
  • Hot soapy water
  • Toothbrush or similar in order to brush off small spaces

Your coffee maker already has some pieces that you need to clean, including how water will do most of the cleaning process for you.

Also, a cleaning solution of some kind has to be mentioned. You can utilise any brand of descaling solution as long as it’s used for coffee makers. The other type of cleaning solution you can use is plain white vinegar.

By the way, you will need some hot soapy water in order that not only are you going to brush off the tubing in the system but also you’re just about to give your own water reservoir together with your coffee carafe a nice washing.

Ninja Coffee Maker Cleaning step-by-step Guide

  •  Filling reservoir with cleaning solution and water
  • Empty carafe is placed in the coffee maker and FULL carafe setting is chosen
  • Press CLEAN button
  • Run flush cycle
  • Remaining machine parts is cleaned

Descaling Ninja Coffee Maker

Step 1: Preparing Descaling Solution

First and foremost, getting your solution ready that you need to clean.

Since you are utilising a descaling solution, please remember to carefully follow your own brand’s specific instructions.

And in case you are using plain white vinegar, the reservoir is filled with around 2 cups of vinegar and the rest of the way along with water.

Step 2: Put Parts In Place

After that, please make sure that your carafe is in place in the coffee maker so that the cleaning solution has a space to get into once it cycles through.

To do this task, you’re just about to operate it at the FULL carafe setting.

Step 3: Clean Cycle

The next step is operating the Ninja Coffee Bar clean cycle, which is designed to run the descaling solution through all the tubing in the system to break down calcium deposits and other grossing things.

Depending on the machine you are using, this process can last for 8 minutes or one hour. Please let the machine do this task. Please not push any buttons and brush off any other parts until the cleaning cycle.

Step 4: Flush Cycle

This step depends on the model of Coffee maker that you own. Providing that your machine can do a flush cycle, this cycle will run within 15 minutes of completing the clean process.

To do this, your carafe and reservoir are washed and filled with clean water.

When you see the FLUSH button display on your machine, please press the CLEAN button, and the flush cycle will run in 8 minutes.

If your machine doesn’t have a flush cycle, your water reservoir will be filled with clean water, and you run an empty process at least twice to flush any remaining cleaner out of your tubing.

Step 5: Clean & Rinse

Once the cleaning cycle is over, the rest of your machine can be cleaned up.

Take the carafe together with the water reservoir and brush off them with hot soapy water.

Don’t forget to remove and wash the Ninja Coffee maker filter too!


All things carefully considered, cleaning your Ninja Coffee maker seems difficult. However, you don’t need much time to do this, and you will see the difference once you tend your machine.

We have told you how to clean a Ninja Coffee Maker with specific step-by-step instructions. Hopefully, you can follow it carefully and do it yourself!

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