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CASE STUDY: Gym Instructor Course, Ricky, 26


Ricky worked as a labourer on construction sites back in July 2015 when he contacted us. It was an on-and-off job as it depended on the projects the construction company he worked for had going on at any time. For this reason, his income was rather low and even our lowest priced courses seemed to be too expensive for him.

Ricky got into bodybuilding in secondary school. He got the first-hand experience creating workout programmes for his friends. It was the part he enjoyed the most - helping his friends get in shape.

Clearly, Ricky was a natural personal trainer prospect. Due to lack of money, however, it seemed he couldn’t get his qualifications. He tried to enrol with one of the other leading personal trainer course providers but was rejected due to his financial situation.

In a conversation with our course advisor, Marcela, Ricky said: “It’s unfair that I’m not able to do the job I know I would be good at because of my low income”. Seeing how passionate Ricky was about fitness, it was hard not to agree with him.

The Challenge

We knew it would be hard for Ricky to secure a loan with our creditor company, Pay4Later. Pay4Later can accept a minimum 5% deposit on its loans, but the higher the deposit an applicant can put down, the greater their chances of being accepted, and Ricky could only afford a deposit of £100.

Before taking him through the loan application process, we discussed Ricky’s options with him. He understood why he might have difficulty securing the loan. In the end, we decided to ask Ricky to start his qualification process by doing the level 2 gym Instructor course by itself.

While it was disappointing for him not to be able to do the full training to become a personal trainer straight away, he was pleased to have an opportunity to earn a qualification that would get him into the fitness industry.

He applied for 0% financing for his gym instructor course and was accepted. He did his course the following month and received his level 2 gym instructor certificate in September.

Student's Success

The first thing Ricky did after getting his qualification was used our online jobs board to search for gym instructor vacancies with the leading health club chains. He was eventually hired as an instructor at his local gym.

Ricky called our head office at the beginning of October to discuss personal trainer courses. In just two weeks he had managed to gain some popularity among the patrons of his local gym and had a few people asking him about personal training.

For many students who struggle financially, getting a level 2 qualification before doing a level 3 personal trainer course is a very easy way to get your foot in the door of the fitness industry.


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