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Am I Too Old To Be A Personal Trainer?


We’re here to quash any fears or apprehension you may have about beginning ​personal trainer training​ in your later years.    With the average life expectancy of the population rising, there is an argument to redefine what we commonly think of as ‘old age’, with researchers suggesting that  ‘middle age’ lasts up until around the age of 74. A recent report found that 65-year-olds  today are “healthier, less dependent on others and more mentally agile than ever before”.  

What Is the Average Age of Personal Trainers in the UK?

The significance of this is twofold: firstly, that if you are an older person considering career change ideas, you are likely to be a lot more eligible to become a personal trainer than you might think. There is no reason why your age could impact your ability to become a personal trainer: it’s about motivation, passion, and know-how, first and foremost. Even the youngest and fittest person in the room won’t succeed if she doesn’t possess the knowledge and determination required.

Am I Too Old To Be A Personal Trainer?

Secondly, it means there is a willing and active market of older people who would prefer to hire a personal trainer in their age bracket. A recent study by Nuffield Health revealed that pensioners aged 72 are the UK’s ‘most frequent gym-goers’. This demographic will appreciate the insight and experience that you, as an older personal trainer, will have when it comes to exercise for elderly or older people.

“The most active gym-goers in the UK are an average age of 72.”

What is the average age of personal trainers in the UK?

According to research, the average age of a personal trainer in the UK is 38, with most in their 30s and 40s. And while this may be surprising, some personal trainers in the fitness industry claim to have been discriminated against because of their youth. So, your age and life experience can actually work in your favour.

“As an older personal trainer, your age and life experience can actually work in your favour.”

Are there age limits on being a personal trainer?

No! Discovery Learning’s Personal Trainer diploma can be booked by anyone over the age of 18. So if you’re considering a personal trainer career change, you’re set up for success with our syllabus.

Can you be a ​70-year-old personal trainer​? 

If you’re healthy and motivated, absolutely! Many 50+ people feel intimidated or isolated in gyms, and would welcome an older ally to guide and motivate them.

Top Reasons to Become a Personal Trainer

  • It’s a job that makes others feel good! Just think how satisfying it will be to empower people to be their best, and keep them healthy, fit and focused.
  • It’s flexible. You can choose exactly when and how you’ll work.
  • It’s sociable. You will enjoy meeting a diverse mix of people, with a shared goal.
  • It’s good for you! Staying active is vital to preserve your health and mobility. By being a personal trainer, you’ll keep busy and active as part of your day-to-day life.
Am I Too Old To Be A Personal Trainer?

So, to answer the question, “ Am I Too Old to Become a Personal Trainer ?” It’s a resounding NO! All our personal trainer training courses are available part-time or full-time, so you can learn at the pace that suits you. As an older personal trainer, you could consider specialising in a certain area to attract niche clientele. Discovery
Learning courses equip you for specialisms including strength and conditioning, weight management, nutritional advice, pre-and-post-natal fitness and more.

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