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5 Valentine’s Exercises To Do With Your Partner


The couples who sweat together, stay together! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you and your partner love working out as much as you love each other, we’ve got some great exercises in mind for you. Here are some of the best two-person exercises, designed to give you and your partner a whole body workout and leave you feeling guilt-free for gorging on those chocolates!

5 Valentine’s Exercises To Do With Your Partner

Tricep Kickbacks for two

This exercise primarily works on your triceps. All you will need for it is a resistance band and your partner. (This exercise is also easily done alone for those who are flying solo this Valentines Day!)

Stand opposite your partner, with both of you holding the resistance band. Bend your knees for stability and begin pulling the band past your waist. Hold for a second and then bring it back to the front.

The Tricep Kickback is a really ideal exercise for fitness beginners due to the simplicity of it. Although simple, it is a really effective way of working out your upper body.

5 Valentine’s Exercises To Do With Your Partner

Abs exercise for partners

Think you and your partner could use a bit of work on defining your respective abdominals? The trunk rotation exercise works on both your abdominal muscles and the surrounding oblique muscles.

Stand facing your valentine with one of you holding the right handle and the other, the left. Now back away from each other until there’s some light resistance on the band. Pull your navel into your spine and twist slowly in one direction while your partners rotates in the other. Get about 15 reps in on both sides to feel the burn.

Did you know that this is also a great exercise to maintain a healthy posture? Your abdominals and oblique’s greatly impact your movement and spine.

5 Valentine’s Exercises To Do With Your Partner

Medicine Ball with rotation pass

It’s not all that romantic as you have to face away from each other but it still requires teamwork, coordination and communication. This is a great exercise for your abs, chest and shoulders and all you need for it is a medicine ball.

With your backs pressed against each other and your feet firmly planted on the ground, twist slowly to one side and pass the ball to your partner. When they pass the ball back to you, make sure you’ve twisted to the other side. Repeat this exercise for about 90 seconds in both directions.

A fairly straightforward exercise, think of the medicine ball as a bouquet of roses or a lovely box of chocolates

5 Valentine’s Exercises To Do With Your Partner

Sit-up pass with Medicine ball

A big step up from the rotation pass exercise, adding sit ups is a great way to make sure that you definitely feel the workout the next day! It’s best to start slowly with this exercise and gradually increase speed as you get more

When doing the sit-ups, ensure your upper back comes down to the surface completely. If it does not, the abdominal muscles will only be isometrically exercised.

Wheelbarrow with push squat

Not only is this exercise amazing for your upper and lower body, it’s also the best way to stare at your lover’s butt in public.

But this is actually an amazing bodyweight exercise, the push-up is a great challenge for your chest, abs, shoulders and triceps and when it’s your turn to squat, you will be working out your calves, quads and hamstrings. We definitely recommend doing 10-20 reps in each position to benefit from the even split in upper and lower body training.

5 Valentine’s Exercises To Do With Your Partner

These are just a few ideas for combining your workout with your partner’s, but if you’re ready to take it a step further, try these #RelationshipGoals exercises for couples too!



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