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15 Ways to Keep Up With Your Fitness Routine This Holiday Season


Winter holidays. This is how you would describe cosy days, hot chocolate, eggnog, family time, yummy food, parties and an overall over-indulgence – ALL in these 2 words: winter holidays. So with that, keeping fit and maintaining your healthy ways and having poached eggs on rye for breakfast and energy balls as an 11 am snack might just get a little tricky. Or a lot. It’s the season when you tend to slightly ignore the ‘all or nothing’ tagline and you might just have that extra pie slice. Still, there are a few sure-fire ways in which you can stay on your health and fitness track and be able to treat yourself because it’s Christmas. Oh, and #YOLO

1. Start your day working out

There’s always time to work out, even if you cut your regular routine by 10 minutes. It will give you energy for the day and you will thank yourself for it later in the day when your schedule gets chaotic.

2. Find a workout buddy (if you don’t have one yet)

It’s always more fun to go for a morning jog or to a quick gym session with a friend. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

15 Ways to Keep Up With Your Fitness Routine This Holiday Season

3. Have your cake and eat it too, but make sure it’s not all of it

Then have a salad for dinner and maybe avoid the dressing.

Don’t leave it for next year

We’re all allowed to a little over-indulgence but don’t postpone your workouts and don’t leave it for January to get back on track. Set goals and be realistic because that does help but don’t leave it for the unforeseen future.

Get enough sleep

Getting your 8 hours of sleep per night is essential if you want your body to cope with all the season’s pressures (good and bad). You have to allow your mind and body to recharge and restart. Try a short yoga session before bed to help you relax.

Go outside

Snowball fights, ice skating, sledding – if there’s snow or ice you surely have a few activities to choose from so take advantage and have a little fun.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Water is crucial and if you religiously stick to your 2 litres per day don’t forget to do the same during the holiday season. It will help you flush out all the toxins from your body, it will help with your digestion and help by filling you up so you won’t be over-eating.

15 Ways to Keep Up With Your Fitness Routine This Holiday Season

If you are a lucky dog owner, take them for long walks in a big park or a forest.

They’ll be happy, you’ll be happy, it’s basically a win-win.

Work out in your bedroom.

Because why not?

Sign up for a race or marathon in the next year.

This would definitely help you with goal setting and it will surely make you more fitness conscious (if you already aren’t).

15 Ways to Keep Up With Your Fitness Routine This Holiday Season

Squeeze in a bit more cardio and work out as many muscle groups as you can.

Sweat and burn a bit, you’ll be thankful afterwards.

Say no to the extra helping of pudding, potatoes or stuffing

Or anything that is super delicious. Don’t completely ditch the fat though, better reduce processed foods rather than the healthy kinds of fat. You can also find little tweaks to your holiday recipes and find healthier alternatives to certain ingredients.

Watch your alcohol intake

Yes, in excess, alcohol will add loads of calories over your daily limit.

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