Love What You DO – 5 Minutes With Angela Green, Our Cardiff Tutor and Personal Trainer

It’s that day of the year, the day of little love notes and flowers and chocolates and romance. Yep, it’s Valentine’s Day and while L-O-V-E is the word of the day, we’re going to approach it from a professional point of view: the love for what you do.

We’ve taken a few minutes to speak to Angela Green, personal trainer and tutor at our Cardiff academy, about her passion for fitness, how she got into it and what would be her best advice for those starting out in the personal training and fitness industry.

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5 Valentine’s Exercises To Do With Your Partner

The couples who sweat together, stay together! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you and your partner love working out as much as you love each other, we’ve got some great exercises in mind for you. Here are some of the best two-person exercises, designed to give you and your partner a whole body workout and leave you feeling guilt-free for gorging on those chocolates!

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A Few Changes Here And There

Discovery Learning has been regarded as one of the top fitness training providers in the UK and for the past 16 years, we’ve been trying our best to give our students the best services, to teach and inspire them – to make them the best personal trainers out there.

And we wanted our image to be aligned with our standards, our motivation and our ethos.

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How Did Rowing Inspire Me To Become a Personal trainer? Meet Kate.

Have you ever wanted to know how it feels to be a personal trainer but you don’t know where to get the answers? Not to worry, you are not the only one!

We asked one of our previous students, Kate Pankhurst, to take part in a Q&A on how she finds being a Personal Trainer – here is what she had to say…

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GUEST POST: Building A Home Workout For Your Clients (PART II)

In last week’s blog post, our friends at AHF have highlighted their 9 Top Tips on designing and facilitating an effective and adherable home programme for clients and in today’s part II, they will help you put together the perfect home workout template.

Below is a blueprint that will allow you to design your own effective home workout with ease, including a step-by-step approach that will make everything very easy to follow.

Our home programme template is broken into five sections:

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GUEST POST: Building A Home Workout For Your Clients (PART 1)

Whether you train your clients in a gym or in their living room, clients need to train outside of their PT sessions in order to see results.  Simple…right?  Turns out not so much.  It’s ok to admit it:  getting clients to train by themselves is – and always will be – one of the biggest challenges facing personal trainers

The skill, we’ve come to realise, is not just designing awesome home workouts – it’s facilitating them in a way that maximises client adherence.  With over 15 years of home personal training experience, we’ve decided to share our advice around how to ensure your client programme gets put up on the fridge door and followed meticulously – instead of winding up under a pile of soon to be recycled utility bills.

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The Christmas Scoop: ‘How long it takes to burn off Britain’s favourite Christmas treats’

All hail, the festive season is upon us! At this time of year, it can feel like there are delicious treats and tempting snacks lurking around every corner. Between the inevitable extra booze, mince pies and the ENDLESS food comas, it’s not a surprise that we pile on some serious pounds over the festive season.

According to the Independent, the average Brit eats around 6,000 calories on Christmas Day

Ok, so it’s going to take more than your traditional 45-minute walk around the block to burn that off. According to the American Council on Exercise, it would take a full 24 hours of walking to burn off 6,000 calories.

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Fitness Fashion: 5 Essentials for Winter Fitness

Think that leaving your house on a regular day is difficult? We all know that it’s about a thousand times harder during the winter months. Darkness arrives earlier, the wind is bitingly cold and that pain in your left shoulder has suddenly intensified. When will something good happen!! If you know what we’re talking about, these 5 winter essentials might help you breeze through the upcoming chilly months:

  1. Headlamp

If you enjoy going for a run either in the early morning or straight after work, we’re sorry to say that it’s going most likely to be pitch black outside. That’s exactly why you need a headlamp, with one of these bad boys you’ll be able to see and also be seen (which might come in handy if you’re on a poorly lit trail or road!). We’d also suggest you pair your headlamp with a headband to protect your ears from the freezing winds – try this Halo Anti-Freeze Headband

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The Halloween Scoop: Healthy or Horror show? The health benefits of Pumpkin

It’s that that pumpkin-flavoured-everything time of year again. Whether it’s in your favourite Starbucks coffee, your Bailey’s booze, or even your Lindor chocolate – thanks to our American cousins, you just can’t escape it! But seriously, let’s talk about pumpkins. Whilst we recommend that you only have a pumpkin flavoured treat every so often, this spooky seasonal veg is actually very healthy.

Orange is the new yellow!

Do you ever go for a banana before a workout? You do it because banana has an excellent level of potassium which will help your cells retain fluid balance, helping to prevent cramping – it’s also a great source of nutrients. What you might not know is that a cup of cooked pumpkin has 564 milligrams of potassium, a substantial amount more than a banana’s 422! For a more decadent Saturday morning breakfast, try these pumpkin pancakes with salted pecan butterscotch.

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13 Reasons Why You Should Become a Personal Trainer

So, you’ve been umming and ahhing about whether becoming a personal trainer is the right step for you? It’s time to stop dithering and get going! Here are 13 reasons why you need to turn your passion into a career!

1. You’ll get the opportunity to work with various people from all walks of life. This is going to give you more confidence and help you become a better communicator! Becoming a PT is a great way to make new friends and connections too 😉

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