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Sports Nutrition Course

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Sports Nutrition

This unique REPs accredited level 2 Sports Nutrition Course is designed to offer you the most practical and effective approach to working with your clients to enhance their sports performance through improved and targeted approaches to nutrition. Understanding the rudiments of Sports Nutrition is essential for PT’s in order that they can achieve optimum results for their clients.  This REPs certificate will also allow personal trainers and sports coaches to expand their client base and branch out into working with sports clubs and recreational athletes that are outside of their normal range of expertise. The course has been put together by nutritionists working with experienced sports coaches to deliver a highly practical and realistic approach for the Personal Trainer and Sports Coach.

What will I learn?

Learners will be required to cover the following content;

  • The main energy systems, phosphagen, anaerobic and aerobic
  • Energy production and storage
  • Fuel and substrate utilisation
  • Different approaches for the different sporting disciplines
  • Effective client assessment.
  • Planning and managing a successful strategy with your client
  • Eating for competition and event days, planning for competition day, and addressing the key factors of immediate before, during and post competition
  • Weight control for athletes: metabolic calculations, calorific values of training regimes, nutrition and immunology
  • Carbohydrate and the glycaemic index, calorific requirements for athletes as well as planning energy requirements and considering refuelling
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Free Radical damage
  • Planning and managing a successful strategy with your client
  • Protein, essential amino acids and quality proteins and the dangers of too much or too little protein appropriate for athletes
  • Hydration de-hydration & sports drinks, Isotonic, Hypotonic, or Hypertonic sports drinks.

Who is this course for?

This REPs Sports Nutrition course is essential for any sports coach or PT working with clients to improve Personal Bests or general performance, particularly for those clients that have hit a ceiling in terms of their strength and endurance exercise or skill based training. With the practical skills and knowledge provided you will be able to move their performance forward both during their training and on competition day, and the structure and approach that you will deploy will be straight forward and highly manageable for the client. 

How Long is the course?

Learners will be required to complete around 2 – 3 hours of course pre reading followed by one 8 hour attendance day.

Where can I complete the course?

Learners will be able to enrol on this course at our Birmingham or West London venue.

What certificates will I receive?

Upon successful completion of this course students will gain a Discovery Learning Certificate in Sports Nutrition and 4 REPs points

Is this course recognised?

Yes, the Awarding Organisation for this course is Skills Active the Sector Skills Council for Health and Fitness.  This means that this course is recognised throughout the UK and your REP’s insurance will cover you to teach this subject.

Are there any pre-requisites?

This is a CPD course and as such is designed for those fitness professionals registered at level 2 or above.