Polish culture with many surprises and joys

Poland is a country located in Central Europe with a temperate climate. This is a country with a developed culture with a combination of tradition and modernity. However, the traditions and history are always the roots that play an important role in Polish culture. You will discover many things that will surprise and delight you when you learn about Polish culture.

Art of Poland

Poland is a country with a unique and distinctive culture throughout its history of formation and development. After being crossed out twice from the map of Europe, the Polish people have maintained their unity and national strength through art instead of politics.

Artisticity is often drowned out in the darkest period of the nation’s history. But in Poland, there are many authors and artists in exile who are determined to keep the soul of the country alive in their works. By 1918 when Poland was reunified, nationalist cultural movements gave way to avant-garde artists.

Great cuisine

In Poland, there are Christian rituals of eating and fasting introduced in the 10th century that have a strong influence to this day. In everyday life, Christian culinary traditions dominate every region of the country. By the time of fasting, many dishes in the meal do not contain meat at all. And fish dishes have become an integral part of Polish daily cooking.
Poland is located between “powerful” neighbors, so it has formed many alliances throughout history. It is also one of the factors that make up the diversity and richness of this country’s cuisine. And the unique dishes of each country have become a unique part of Polish cooking in particular, and Polish culture in general.
After many centuries have passed, the influence from countries such as France and Italy on Polish cuisine is the strongest. There are also other exotic cuisines such as: Jewish, Cossack, Hungarian, Armenian, Lithuanian and Tartar.

Traditional dishes

If you have the opportunity to travel to Poland and have the opportunity to step into a Polish family, even if you are a stranger, you will still be warmly welcomed with lavish meals. This is always true because Poland has an old proverb that is “The guest comes to the house, the god comes to visit”. Just looking at the menu is enough to make you crave, waiting for the meal to arrive.
Above are the beauties in Polish culture that we want to share with you. Hope it helps you understand more about this friendly country.

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