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Lower Back Pain Management

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Please be aware that to complete Lower Pain Management Level 4 course you need to have Level 3 PT and Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification

L4 Certificate in the management of lower back pain

This Active IQ Level 4 Management of Lower Back Pain course is a high level qualification that provides the key skills, knowledge and pathway to becoming a Level 4 Exercise Instructor specialising in managing low back pain. This qualification has been developed and written by leading industry experts in the management of lower back pain and the tutors presenting this course will be highly experienced in this field.

Very many Personal Trainers will have come across clients that have chronic low back pain and this course will provide the foundations to be able to assist those significant numbers of people in the population that are affected with low back pain.

What will I learn on this course?

An in-depth understanding of functional anatomy and biomechanics, relating to the spine and lower back. How to apply appropriate training approaches to plan and design progressive programmes for clients with low back pain. To develop an understanding of medications, psychological/sociological factors and co-morbidities that influence an individual’s ability to exercise safely and effectively. To develop an understanding of the common disease process involved in degeneration of the spine and how activity or inactivity influences low back pain management. Epidemiology of Back Pain: - including: the prevalence of Lower Back Pain (LBP) in the UK and the effect of activity and inactivity on LBP, the classification and psychosocial components of (LBP). Anatomy and physiology of LBP: including the structure of the lumbar spine and vertebrae; the local and global muscles of the lower back; the passive and active sub systems and understanding pain. Exercise referral processes and communication skills – including: understanding the referral process, relevant medico-legal requirements, understanding scope of practice and communicating skills. Assessment and screening – including: collecting client information; client assessments; understanding the precautions and contraindications, psychosocial assessment and functional/physical assessment. Programme design – including: what are the progressive programme design considerations; how to provide psychosocial support, establishing and monitoring exercise quotas and intensity.

Who is this course for?

The Lower Back Pain Management Qualification is particularly aimed at personal trainers and GP and Exercise Referral Specialists seeking to work with special populations with lower back pain in both preventative and rehabilitative exercise therapies.

How long is the certificate in management of lower back pain course?

Four weeks of home study followed by two days of attendance for the practical components of the course. There is a one hour practical assessment following the course.

Where can I do the course?

We run this course at our Manchester & London venues.

What assessments will I need to complete?

You will need to provide one worksheet that you will prepare as part of your course work along with a case study that you will submit for internal marking.  You will also be observed undertaking a one hour practical assessment where you will lead a ‘body’ in an exercise programme suitable for someone with one of the common low back conditions. 

Please note: We can only accept Gym or ETM session plans for assessment purposes. Pilates session plans cannot be accepted. 

What support will I get?

You will be supported throughout your studies by our expert student support team that you can contact by telephone, e-mail, live chat or Skype. This course is also supported by a fully interactive online learning package that is completely free with the course.

What certificates will I receive?

You will receive the Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in the Management of Low Back Pain with 20 accompanying REP’s points.

Is this course recognised?

Yes this course can be found on the national Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF) web site meaning that this is recognised across the UK.

What are the pre-requisites?

If you are in the fitness industry and you wish to progress to level 4 on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) you will need to be a level 3 personal trainer or have a level 3 Fitness qualification such as yoga or mat Pilates.  Also you will have to complete (or have completed) the level 3 Exercise Referral course to register at level 4.