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Fit For Sport
The UK’s leading healthy lifestyle activities provider committed to educating children and families to live a healthy lifestyle and become a Fitter Family. Fit For Sport deliver School Services, Accredited Training and activities for Children and Families as well as our successful Fitter Schools and Fitter Families free UK initiatives. All aimed at engaging and educating children and their families on how to easily adopt a healthier lifestyle, through routine habit changes incorporating throughout its SAS message (Simple, Achievable and Sustainable).
0845 456 3233


Weight Management Centre
Weight Management Centre is a leading obesity and weight management organisation; delivering training and intervention programmes on behalf of Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts across the UK.
0208 417 0078
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Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning is now recognised as one of the highest quality health and fitness training providers in the UK. The range of courses on offer is extensive and the pass rate is second to none.
0208 543 1017

The National Skills Academy was established to improve the quality of training provision within the sports and active leisure sector. You can be sure of top quality when you book your training course through a National Skills Academy Centre of Excellence.


The  National Skills Academy Centre of Excellence for Health & Fitness provides a full range of products which support training and the achievement of qualifications, enabling community health outcomes, specifically designed for:
  • Local Authorities and Leisure Trusts
  • Primary Care Trusts
  • General Practices and Health Professionals
  • School and Practice Nurses
  • Youth and Sports Development Services
  • Community Sports Programmes
  • Volunteers and 3rd Sector Organisations
  • Leisure Services, Sports Clubs and Health Clubs
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The Centre of Excellence has been designed to provide the support, the skills and the programmes to achieve targets set by the Health Agenda:
Strategic Support
• Strategy and Planning
• Implementation of National Evaluation Frameworks
• Increasing participation, activity levels, improving nutrition – reducing obesity

Excellence in Training
• The Centre of Excellence guarantees the most appropriate and highest quality of training


• Award-winning programmes delivering outstanding results, including:
• Child obesity intervention/prevention
• Adult Weight Management
• Fitter Schools UK
• Fitter Family Lifestyle
• Community Health
and Wellness

Courses and Delivery Programmes
The Centre of Excellence has been created not only as a one stop shop for all health and fitness qualifications, but as an organisation with a unique and clear understanding of the issues around the specialist health agendas such as obesity,
social inclusion and children’s health and development. We have a complete solutions package to enable your engagement in delivering the current national indicators and public service agreements (PSA) on health.
Health and Fitness
An extensive range of qualifications from Level 1 Introductory to full Level 4 (REP’s) Special Populations and Conditions

Community Outreach
Understanding and engaging with your community

Children and Young People

Innovative and inspirational qualifications including mandatory requirements.                                                                                                      
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centreofexcellence v5 Leadership and Management
Developing the skills and leadership to deliver

Nutrition, Weight Management and Obesity
Highly relevant industry leading skills

Apprentices represent the future of the industry; find out how easy it is for us to set you up an apprenticeship scheme
Discovery's  fundamental aim is to provide affordable, quality and flexible training to individuals who wish to enter the fitness industry.

Experience: We guarantee that you will receive high quality training from our top tutors in the industry. We pride ourselves with employing the leading tutors that are on top of their game. Our graduates for our fitness programmes and qualifications are highly regarded within the fitness industry. We ensure you graduate with fit-for-purpose knowledge that will take you to the top of the fitness industry. We are always updating our knowledge and course content to ensure it reflects the common practice in the fitness industry at the time. Our range of fitness and personal trainer courses are second to none and the value for money and quality is unbeatable.



Quality: At Discovery Learning we are proud of our quality and high success rates (89% pass rates) and have been labelled one of the leading providers of Fitness and Nutrition courses. Evidence of this quality can be seen in our excellent Quality Audits from top awarding bodies (CYQ and Active IQ) in the fitness industry. We are also delighted to say that Discovery Learning, and its sister company Weight Management Centre, have been delivering weight management and obesity training to Health Authorities and Primary Care for 13 years.




Flexibility: We enable you to study at a time and place to suit you. We understand that our learners live busy lives, especially the stress that goes with starting a new career. Therefore we pride ourselves with designing our training programmes to provide flexible learning (distance or full time courses) that will suit your need. Our courses are a mixture of home study and weekend workshops, so you do not need to leave you job to become a fitness professional. Speak to our careers advisors on 0208 543 1017 to choose the best fitness course to meet your needs.




Affordability: We understand that you might want to change your career, but might not be able to fund such a big change. We offer a variety of funding options to help you start your new career. Whether you'd like to pay instalments or through a loan, we will help you find the best option to help fund your course. Visit our Ways to Pay page to find a funding option that suits your needs.




Reputation: Discovery Learning is an approved training provider with the top fitness awarding bodies (Central YMCA Qualifications and Active IQ) in the UK. Our qualifications are not only recognised by REPs, but the rest of the world. All of our courses are monitored by our Awarding bodies to ensure we maintain a high standard of training. We are proud to announce that we have exceptionally high success rates due to the commitment and passion our tutor have in ensuring they help every learner to achieve their best.




Dedication: It is our key aim that every learner receives the support they need through their journey with Discovery Learning. We have a dedicated student support team committed to assisting and guiding learners through their distance learning and assessments. It is our assurance to you that we will give you all the support that is needed for you to get through your qualification. You will be assigned a Student Support Officer who will guide you through your training and help you after you finished you course to find your ideal role in the fitness industry. They regularly check in with you to see how you are progressing. If you need further information on the support you will receive, please email or phone 0203 145 0188 to speak to a tutor about student support at Discovery Learning.




Partnership: Discovery Learning has a strong network of industry partners and affiliations with top health clubs and employers in the industry. We are committed to helping our learners to find their ideal role in the fitness industry by providing them with interview with some of the leading employers in the fitness industry. We also offer help and advice for those wanting to start their own business.


Quick Contact

0208 543 1017
0203 014 7731

Unit B206 Trident Business, Centre,
89 Bickersteth Road,
London SW17 9SH


"I found my Personal Training course with Discovery learning to be both very enjoyable and very effective
Just to say many thanks for the excellent training you delivered in Birmingham and your willingness


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